Abu Dhabi Higher Colleges of Technology: Chief Information Officer

January 29, 2009

The Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE are looking for a Chief Information Officer (CIO):

Lead IT strategic and operational planning by collaborating with all stakeholders to foster innovation, prioritize IT initiatives, and coordinate the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future IT systems across the HCT

· Identify opportunities and provide advice for the appropriate and cost effective investment in IT systems and resources including staffing, sourcing, purchasing, and in-house development

· Ensure continuous and high quality delivery of IT services by monitoring IT performance

· Develop and maintain an appropriate IT organizational structure that supports the needs of HCT

· Oversee the development, promotion, and implementation of training programs to develop staff and enable them to productively use IT tools and provide efficient user support

· Develop, track, and control the IT annual operating and capital budgets

· Prepare proposals for the definition of HCT’s policies and standards for IT

· In consultation with functional teams, implement new services and effective re-engineering of HCT’s processes where necessary

Competitive tax-free salary, 44 working days of paid annual vacation, unfurnished accommodation, relocation allowance, tuition assistance for dependent children, annual air tickets to country of origin for employee and dependents, contract completion bonus … and much more!

This is obviously a little far afield from Toronto, but since they’ve posted in Toronto and they’re willing to pay relocation, plus a tax-free salary from $125k-$199k and other benefits, it’s the sort of interesting offer that many of you would be interested to read about but most of you wouldn’t be willing to take, even if you had the experience they’re looking for.  As a result, I’m not going to do a full writeup.


Little Bites: CBC, Heenan, Microsoft/Ireland, Devlin

April 10, 2008

CBC is clearly still looking for their Senior Applications Manager (15-Feb-2008, 30-Jan-2008): Craigslist/Modis, Craigslist. I’m still skeptical about the compensation, and the one person I know who has worked for the CBC doesn’t have overly-inspiring words of encouragement, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the posting, and I think the CBC is an interesting organization.

Heenan would like you to qualify for the “hidden job market” by putting your information in their databank. While I agree the ‘hidden job market’ exists, I don’t believe the jobs that recruiters hold are usually in that category. If a recruiter is retained, why would they not do their best to attract additional candidates? That said, if you’re willing to trust ’em … maybe there’s an interesting job in it for you.

Microsoft still (20-Feb) wants You to move to Ireland. Ireland’s a nice place, if you’re willing to move. Well, it seemed nice in the two weeks I was there, anyway, which I suppose isn’t the same thing. Still, interesting opportunity for the mobile and Microsoft-oriented.

Devlin’s still (22-Feb-2008) looking for that tech lead / architect.

Relocate to Vegas: Eastridge Infotech

February 22, 2008

Eastridge Infotech is looking for someone to help them build cutting edge gaming (aka gambling) solutions in Vegas.  Although “up to $120,000” is pretty decent compensation, I’m not sure it’s enough to get someone to move to Vegas unless that’s something they were already interested in doing.