Updates: Route1, CBC, Scoring

February 15, 2008

Route1 is still looking for an architect, CBC is still looking for a Senior Applications Manager and I’ve stopped using the scoring system for now.

Those are still my axes of interest, but I’m not finding the metrics very useful — when I don’t know anything about a company, should I score it 50% (average) or 0% (because I don’t know anything about it?) I’m thinking about other ways to quantify my interest level.


Jobs: Axsium, Sigma, PHP/Air/Ruby

January 29, 2008

This is an unusual opportunity – a director of technology for quick-launch project. Sounds interesting, but also sounds like the typical startup opportunity – high-risk, low reward.

Reasonably well-paid Ruby job, for Toronto.

I don’t see too many Air jobs, so that makes this mildly interesting, particularly with the server-side connection.

Corporate Espionage?
In some ways, keeping an eye on the job market tells you a fair amount about the boom and bust cycle of companies in Toronto. For instance, Sigma Systems (picked up by Noramtec as well), Route1 and Axsium (solution developer, technical consultant) are hiring for a few positions. Incidentally, Axsium looks misspelled to me, even though it isn’t.

Jobs: Intrafinity and 4 Architects, 6 Developers (Route1?)

January 27, 2008

Intrafinity’s looking for a Lead Technical/Software Architect, which sounds … ok.  Well, first of all, it’s .NET, which is pretty much an immediate knock-down for me, if for no other reason than I don’t have enough experience with .NET.  Secondly, it looks like a “writing documents, not code” position, which can be a dangerous position for an architect, depending on the team and the company. But, then, a lot of people work that way, it’s just something that’s a warning sign for me.

It also came through Craigslist,which specifies 70k+++, the low end of which is less than I think a good architect should be getting, but that’s your call.

I suspect this posting is from Route1, but whoever it is, looking for six developers at once is pretty ambitious — they’ll be lucky to find half of that who are worth hiring in the short term, but I guess there’s no harm in asking.  Adding four architects to that seems excessive, but good luck to ’em. Finally, this looks suspiciously like The FeedRoom, but otherwise doesn’t leap out at me.  Doesn’t help that jburst typically sends off red flags for me.