Jobs: OTN, Quest, CBC, Fuel Industries

A release engineer for the ontario telemedicine network.  I’m starting to see more of these build/release positions regularly, which is an interesting niche.

It’s too bad that Quest let Sitraka/KL Group’s performance tool suite die such an ugly death, or this Foglight posting, what with the reference to Groovy, might be appealing.

The language of the posting doesn’t really do it for me, but if your French is up to scratch, a Sr. Applications Manager for the CBC doesn’t sound like a bad position.  I worry that like some government-related opportunities you might be hogtied by procedure and underpaid, but you’d have to inquire to find out.

Flash/Flex/Air/Silverlight development with some backend components for Fuel Industries.  Foosball and bubble hockey skills a bonus.

Scrum Master / Agile Lead, .Net/Ruby, travel required.  Despite being posted to Craigslist Toronto, this seems to be based out of Calgary.  ThoughtWorks, maybe?  If so, they’re not posting the same job themselves.


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  1. […] CBC is clearly still looking for their Senior Applications Manager (15-Feb-2008, 30-Jan-2008): Craigslist/Modis, Craigslist. I’m still skeptical about the compensation, and the one […]

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