Relocate to Vegas: Eastridge Infotech

Eastridge Infotech is looking for someone to help them build cutting edge gaming (aka gambling) solutions in Vegas.  Although “up to $120,000” is pretty decent compensation, I’m not sure it’s enough to get someone to move to Vegas unless that’s something they were already interested in doing.


2 Responses to Relocate to Vegas: Eastridge Infotech

  1. I think it’s enough to relocate – but you’re right, they would probably need other reasons to live in Vegas. I know lots of people that would go in a heartbeat!

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    It’d take a pretty significant salary spike to get me to relocate, and that wouldn’t do it. But, then, I don’t really want to live in Vegas, or to move — there are lots of people for whom that wouldn’t be true.

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