Little Bites: CBC, Heenan, Microsoft/Ireland, Devlin

April 10, 2008

CBC is clearly still looking for their Senior Applications Manager (15-Feb-2008, 30-Jan-2008): Craigslist/Modis, Craigslist. I’m still skeptical about the compensation, and the one person I know who has worked for the CBC doesn’t have overly-inspiring words of encouragement, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the posting, and I think the CBC is an interesting organization.

Heenan would like you to qualify for the “hidden job market” by putting your information in their databank. While I agree the ‘hidden job market’ exists, I don’t believe the jobs that recruiters hold are usually in that category. If a recruiter is retained, why would they not do their best to attract additional candidates? That said, if you’re willing to trust ’em … maybe there’s an interesting job in it for you.

Microsoft still (20-Feb) wants You to move to Ireland. Ireland’s a nice place, if you’re willing to move. Well, it seemed nice in the two weeks I was there, anyway, which I suppose isn’t the same thing. Still, interesting opportunity for the mobile and Microsoft-oriented.

Devlin’s still (22-Feb-2008) looking for that tech lead / architect.


Little Bites: BiblioCommons DB, 2/3 PHP, Devlin, PHP ‘Gaming’, Corba

February 27, 2008

BiblioCommons is also looking for a database developer. I don’t feel like I can represent what a database developer would find interesting, so I won’t post a full summary, but I will say that working on “several terabytes” of data should make this at least mildly interesting.

Someone’s looking for two-thirds of a PHP programmer in what sounds like a very sketchy deal, to me that gets massive morbid curiosity props. $20/hr contract is pretty low, particularly for someone who has built “the next ebay” which is “roughly 95% finished” when you get paid after all work is complete, and have even your lunch schedule worked out in advance. Color me suspicious, but if you’re two thirds of a PHP programmer, by all means, this may be your thing. (Yes, I know they probably mean ‘two or three’).

Devlin is still looking for that tech lead / architect, as I mentioned before.

Someone’s looking to find a PHP developer for web-based ‘gaming’. In Toronto, that typically seems to mean gambling, otherwise that might actually be interesting.

Nubase is looking for web developers who want to do CORBA. If that sounds appealing, you’ll be pleased to know that EJB makes an appearance too.

Devlin: Tech Lead / Architect

February 22, 2008

Devlin’s looking for a technical lead / architect to whip an existing project into shape, from the sounds of things:

– Design, refine and enforce efficient development processes and high-quality code
– Provide direction and assistance in re-architecting, re-factoring existing code base for greater stability and maintainability
– Continually improve development environment and tools – focus on consistency and productivity!

Being “process-driven” is slightly worrisome to me, even though it sounds like the processes they have in mind are reasonable. I guess I feel like people should be driven by project goals and business needs rather than process — process is a means to an end. The description also makes me wonder if you’d be leading a team that has a problem with consistency and productivity.

Knowing more about the projects and the compensation would help to make this more compelling.