Devlin: Tech Lead / Architect

Devlin’s looking for a technical lead / architect to whip an existing project into shape, from the sounds of things:

– Design, refine and enforce efficient development processes and high-quality code
– Provide direction and assistance in re-architecting, re-factoring existing code base for greater stability and maintainability
– Continually improve development environment and tools – focus on consistency and productivity!

Being “process-driven” is slightly worrisome to me, even though it sounds like the processes they have in mind are reasonable. I guess I feel like people should be driven by project goals and business needs rather than process — process is a means to an end. The description also makes me wonder if you’d be leading a team that has a problem with consistency and productivity.

Knowing more about the projects and the compensation would help to make this more compelling.


2 Responses to Devlin: Tech Lead / Architect

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