Although I try and share the best jobs in Toronto, some of you are going to want to see jobs that don’t enthuse me, so you’ll want to know where to look for Jobs in Toronto. Here are some of the many choices available (I’ve got a few others, I’ll add as I have time):

  • Higher Bracket
    • Commercial, you have to pay money to read most of the listings.
    • Sends a few emails if you sign up, even with a free account.
    • Focuses on high-paying jobs. Claims to have the most $100k+ jobs in Canada.
  • The Ladders
    • Commercial, you have to pay money to read the listings.
    • Sends a heck of a lot of email if you sign up, even with a free account. You can opt out, but it’s a bit much.
    • Many listings.
      • So many jobs that there’s almost too many.
      • Sadly, most of these are bland recruiter postings.
      • Difficult to find the good amongst the boring.
    • Limited RSS feeds
      • You can get RSS feeds for certain categories of job (e.g. Tech > Director), but not by search criteria or by location and category, which means that you have to cast a pretty wide net.
      • Current RSS feed doesn’t seem to work well with Google Reader.
    • Far fewer jobs than workopolis, but mostly decent ones.
    • No RSS feeds, but monster will send emails.
    • Low volume (10 jobs/mo)
    • RSS Feeds
    • Good listing format.
    • Exceptionally low volume, most months don’t result in jobs.
    • Supports RSS Feeds.
    • Relatively low volume
  • craigslist: toronto software jobs
    • RSS Feeds (which sometimes Google Reader likes, sometimes not)
  • Eluta
    • Job search engine with Google Maps integration.
    • RSS Feeds.
  • Red Canary
    • Generally, jobs here are reasonably-well described and interesting.
    • Very low volume of jobs.
  • Yahoo HotJobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Ruby Canada Jobs
  • Now Magazine
    • There aren’t many postings here, and the ones that are here are typically pretty low signal-to-noise, but the volume’s so low that it’s easy to check quickly.
    • RSS feeds
  • XP Toronto
    • A user group, not explicitly about jobs; job postings are welcome, and sometimes posted.
    • Low volume
    • Email
  • TorRor
    • A user group, not explicitly about jobs, but job postings seem to be welcome.
    • Low volume
    • RSS Feeds and Email
    • Relatively new kid on the block, so the volume’s low, but the quality seems to be high, so far.
    • Low volume
    • RSS Feeds
  • David Crow
    • Typically focuses a lot closer to the front end of the system and farther into the design side than I do (e.g. Interaction designers, web designers)
    • Low volume
    • RSS Feeds
  • Ruby Now
  • Ruby Canada
    • Relatively low volume for Toronto
    • RSS Feeds
  • JobCentral
    • This one’s new to me, still forming an opinion.
    • RSS Feeds (including custom searches)
  • SimplyHired
    • Another job aggregator.
    • RSS Feeds (including custom searches).
    • May duplicate some of the above, but seems to work reasonably well.
  • CareerJet
    • Another job search/aggregator.
    • RSS Feeds.
    • Embedding features if you want to embed their listings in your site.

Yes, it’s a long list. I guess that’s why I figured some of you might want a much more condensed list of the better jobs than to drink from this particular firehose.

I’ve also put in my own yahoo pipe to do location-filtering on some feeds that don’t do location-filtering:

And finally, some unqualified sources about which I haven’t formed much of an opinion:

Commercial Job-Search Sites
Are sites like or worth it? Yes and no. If you’re looking for a way to get a lower-volume list of somewhat-more-qualified leads, and the cost doesn’t bother you, probably.

On the other hand, if you think they list tons of jobs you can’t get elsewhere, you’ll be disappointed. As a general rule, most jobs listed on these sites are also listed somewhere else, they’re just harder to distinguish from all the other, less interesting, less-well-paid jobs.

But then, that’s what Toronto Technology jobs is for.

Other Information
Other than the jobs themselves, what other sources of information might you find helpful?

Am I Missing Something?
If there’s another job site you’re fond of and I don’t have it listed, send it my way.


6 Responses to Sources

  1. Anthony Kaul says:

    Thanks for including HigherBracket on this listing. Although similar to the ladders in our business model, we deal exclusively in Canadian positions. The ladders is primarily US. The vast majority of their Canadian postings are US companies who are advertising to Canadians to relocate.

    Anthony Kaul
    Founder & CEO

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    I’ve got a friend who tried Higher Bracket, so I had a chance to see it up close, I don’t know anyone locally who’s tried The Ladders, and I was far less enthused by the ‘trial’ experience, so my instinct was that Higher Bracket was the better choice of the two, but without having really tried The Ladders, I can’t really comment.

  3. Thanks for the mention.

    Happy to hear suggestions for improving our job descriptions. Permit me to add that our jobs are 90% local (Toronto-GTA-Waterloo), and we follow up on every resume within 48 hours.

  4. Dana Shaw says:

    You may want to add these to your list:
    Sapphire Canada – The largest IT search firm in Canada, associated with Randstad international and where I’ve worked with Bev on a small division called RandstadRPO
    ITJobs – IT in Canada (search already there for Toronto/GTA) – IT jobs only
    Dice – IT jobs only
    Higher Bracket – Senior jobs only in Canada – search for IT jobs – search for IT jobs
    GuruLink – IT jobs only
    Jobserve – search for IT jobs
    TorontoITJobs – what it says – a list of IT related job sites

    Do you have any additional resources specific to IT mangagement? IT security related jobs?

  5. Lidia says: would love to be added. We have been in business since 1996 and have a tonne of IT jobs, that’s all we do.

    Thank you!

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