Little Bites: Domainer, GAP Adventures, Scotia Algorithmic Trading, Microsoft Security, Informiam/Genesys

April 21, 2008

Domainer’s looking for a “web developer“. Without a listed compensation range, my first instinct is that “web developer” often means “cheap developer” in the Toronto job market, particularly for startups. G.A.P Adventures looks more interesting but suffers from the same problem.

Personally, I think algorithmic trading systems sound like an interesting domain, but I haven’t explored the space in enough detail to argue the point. The technology mix of C++ and Java both is an interesting and unusual one.

Microsoft Canada wants someone to change the country’s perception about their security? Sounds like a dangerous mission for only the bravest of soldiers.

Informiam, bought by Genesys, is still looking for some creative developers up at Yonge and Finch. If you’re already up north, this seems like it could be an interesting place to work.


Little Bites: CBC, Heenan, Microsoft/Ireland, Devlin

April 10, 2008

CBC is clearly still looking for their Senior Applications Manager (15-Feb-2008, 30-Jan-2008): Craigslist/Modis, Craigslist. I’m still skeptical about the compensation, and the one person I know who has worked for the CBC doesn’t have overly-inspiring words of encouragement, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the posting, and I think the CBC is an interesting organization.

Heenan would like you to qualify for the “hidden job market” by putting your information in their databank. While I agree the ‘hidden job market’ exists, I don’t believe the jobs that recruiters hold are usually in that category. If a recruiter is retained, why would they not do their best to attract additional candidates? That said, if you’re willing to trust ’em … maybe there’s an interesting job in it for you.

Microsoft still (20-Feb) wants You to move to Ireland. Ireland’s a nice place, if you’re willing to move. Well, it seemed nice in the two weeks I was there, anyway, which I suppose isn’t the same thing. Still, interesting opportunity for the mobile and Microsoft-oriented.

Devlin’s still (22-Feb-2008) looking for that tech lead / architect.

Relocate to Ireland with Microsoft

February 20, 2008

Microsoft wants to relocate engineers/leads to Ireland from Toronto.  Nice, if working for Microsoft is your thing.

Something I appreciated about Dublin: you could literally go from a slate-fenced country house to the downtown of Dublin in less than an hour.  Now, I don’t know that I truly experienced “rush hour”, if there is one, but it’s still a bit of a change of pace from Toronto.

The $80-$130k compensation isn’t so bad either.