socialDeck: Rockstar Engineer

April 20, 2009

socialDeck is looking for a Rockstar Engineer:

We’re building a platform for cross platform gaming — technology that enables games to be played between mobile and the web. Think playing games from your iPhone to Facebook to BlackBerry to MySpace.

We are looking for the brightest and most talented software engineer who will work with the platform team on building out our gaming platform in the cloud.

He/she will design and implement highly-scalable server systems to connect to the world’s most popular networks.

He/she will also be involved in building our client frameworks for iPhone, BlackBerry, Facebook, and Android.

The Good
They’ve got a pleasant web presence and decent press. They’re in an interesting/growing space: mobile / web social gaming. They seem to be taking a bit of a product angle with their talk of ‘a platform’.

Sounds like they’re funded, with nice space. The technology stack sounds reasonable, and the technology would probably be varied and interesting. And, frankly, it’s games. Working on games can be fun.

The Bad
They’re a startup, so odds are good that they’re not paying terribly well, although you’d have to inquire to find out.

Also, someone stop these people before they make another video. Teach them how to use screencasting software instead of a handheld cam pointed at a laptop on an angle.

Heck, I’ll even volunteer to help get ’em kickstarted. A couple hours with Screenflow and their demo would take on new life.

What’s Missing?
Where are they? What’s this position pay? How many other people work there? How long is their funding good for? What’s involved in the platform, and what’s the expected mix of game/platform development?

Your mileage may vary on working for an early-stage startup, especially if the compensation is low.

The Location
Besides ‘King West’, it’s hard to say. Probably a little off the beaten path if you’re not already west of the core, or driving. You’d need to inquire to know more.

In Summary
Game platform and game development on King West for a startup.


Greenpeace: Social Media Specialist

March 5, 2009

Greenpeace is looking for a Social Media Specialist:


If you’re well connected in Canada’s digital social networks, and very concerned about Canada’s inaction on climate change, then this is the job for you.

Greenpeace Canada is seeking an enthusiastic, savvy, social media specialist to push the KYOTOplus climate campaign. This campaign calls for the Canadian government to take real action on climate change and to play a positive role at the next critical climate meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Your primary goal will be to encourage Canadians to actively engage in the KYOTOplus climate campaign. Using blogging and social networking sites you will encourage individuals and groups to get petitions signed, send letters to Members of Parliament and raise funds to support the campaign.

You will work closely with the Marketing Coordinator, Volunteer Organizers, and other key Greenpeace staff working on the KYOTOplus campaign.


The Good
If the environment is something you’re passionate about, and you believe in the approach that Greenpeace takes, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get as directly involved as this would allow.  This is interesting as a way to be directly involved with Greenpeace and its use of social media.

The Bad
You probably wouldn’t do this if it weren’t something you were passionate about.  It’s a part-time role at a rate that isn’t going to pay that many bills, at least not in Toronto.  If you were somewhere where you could keep your costs of living down, or able to do this in your spare time, it might be more attractive from a compensation point of view.  Then again, it depends where you’re coming from.  This might be a fine job for a student who might not have as many other opportunities for well-paid jobs anyway.  Sure beats working at the local fast-food joint.

Even amongst environmentalists, your mileage may vary when it comes to the Greenpeace approach.  

In Summary
This isn’t the first time I’ve written up a social media job.  I guess it’s time to admit it — although these aren’t purely technical jobs, and they’re not the sorts of jobs I’d be likely to take, I find them interesting, as an emerging area where someone with interest in using technology if perhaps not directly producing it can get involved in a cause with which they’re interested, like Greenpeace.  This kind of social-media activism is an interesting area, I think.

Follow-Up: Yelp Community Manager

February 9, 2009

If you’re interested in being the Community Manager for Yelp, this might be a good time to follow up with Miriam Warren, who tweeted on the subject earlier today.  Well, yesterday by the time most of you read this.

Update: Syncapse

January 29, 2009

It looks from this posting like Syncapse might still be hiring.  They were looking for a Social Network Software Developer before, sounds pretty similar to me, so perhaps previous comments will help you.

Yelp: Community Manager

January 27, 2009

Yelp is looking for a Community Manager for Toronto:

As the Yelp Community Manager, you’ll be a full-time Yelp employee doing whatever it takes to grow the community of active yelpers as the Yelp “Mayor” in your city. Working out of your home and anywhere with WiFi, you’ll lead Yelp’s success in your city, and will be an integral member of a team of all-stars in the field receiving direction and support from Yelp Headquarters in San Francisco.

I’ve considered posting this a few times; I don’t think it’s in the sweet spot of the postings that are most interesting to me, but it’s unusual enough to be worth a look-see. 

The Good
Yelp is a relatively well-known startup doing local community/reviews, somewhat like a combination between the services offered by GigPark,, Martini Boys, and lots of other such sites.  Mostly, it’s just an unusual and interesting job, something I don’t see a lot of, so interesting on that basis alone.

The Bad
It’s not really a tech job.  It’s a job for a web 2.0 company, but the work isn’t innately technical.  Although that’s certainly appealing for some, I imagine that most of you reading “Toronto Technology Jobs” are actually looking for a job doing something technical.  On the upside, many of you might know someone who’s partially technical who’d enjoy this, and, frankly, it’s just an unusual and interesting job.

What’s Missing
Well, first of all, there’s no sense at all of the compensation.  They’re hoping to find people with professional experience, so I’m assuming they’ll pay a little better than “just graduated” pay, but beyond that, I haven’t the faintest what to expect in terms of compensation.  For that matter, they’re not even clear as to whether or not this is a full-time gig, or just something to while away a few hours a week.  If it is a full-time position, then some expectations about how you’ll be splitting your time amongst the various tasks might be helpful.

This isn’t really a tech job.  It’s a job for a tech company, but it’s a job whose focus is on writing, networking, event planning, and getting the word out, rather than doing something innately technical. 

The Location
I’m assuming that Yelp doesn’t have enough people in town to justify office space, so you’ll be presumably working wherever you like, as long as it has internet access and doesn’t cost Yelp anything.  Home, the local park with mobile internet, the local coffee shop, whatever works for you.

In Summary
If you’re looking for a social media job that’s really more about writing and event planning than it is technology, or you’re willing to consider that sort of thing, give Yelp a shout.

Syncapse: Social Network Software Developer

November 20, 2008

Syncapse is looking for a Social Network Software Developer (a teaser posting which preceded this one):

Syncapse Corp. is seeking software developers capable of developing projects, managing priorities, and interacting with clients in a fun startup environment.

  • This is a full time position at a small, growing company
  • This is a technical position developing software for social networks like Facebook, Open Social, and Google Friend Connect 
  • Preparation of technical specifications and feature outlines
  • Develop modular PHP applications
  • Work with 3rd party web services APIs like Facebook, Open Social, Youtube, etc.
  • Test applications, write bug reports, and fix problems
  • work in a team environment

The Good
It sounds like Syncapse is well-positioned and with good clients in a relatively new market, although I can’t easily verify that.  Although social networks are certainly out of the initial hype, I don’t think the social elements of the web are going anywhere either, so this is an opportunity to focus on the social web, which is probably experience you can leverage in the future.   Getting to interact directly with clients doesn’t always happen at this experience level.

The location seems to be Yonge and Dundas, which is a good place to work — there’s a lot of good food around, and having the Eaton Centre at your feet has its perks.  It’s also relatively central and relatively convenient for anyone who’d consider working in the core to begin with.

The Bad
They’re not looking for a ton of experience, so they may be expecting to pay accordingly.  If you’ve got experience, you’d want to level-set before you get too far into the conversation. 

What’s Missing
What kind of social network work will you be doing, and for whom?  What’s the compensation?  Will you be working on a team?  What kind of process does Syncapse use, and what are some good examples of the kinds of work they’ve done before?  Are you likely to use some of the other mentioned technologies, or are those just mentioned in terms of applicable experience?  

Some of you are probably happy to see a development job with a lot of dynamic languages, some not.  But even those of you who love dynamic languages, your mileage may vary when it comes to PHP, which seems to be the focus. 

Although I’m near-certain that “social” isn’t going anywhere, Facebook feels like it’s waning to me, so your mileage may vary when it comes to a Facebook focus.

In Summary
This is most interesting for someone who’s a fan of dynamic languages and social networks, and not afraid of a little PHP.

Unspecified: PHP/Social Game Developer

July 22, 2008

While we’re on the PHP vein, this posting for a PHP Developer doing Games for FaceBook and MySpace sounded like a certain kind of fun over in Liberty Village.  If you’ve been doing PHP for Social Networks, this might be up your alley.  There’s not nearly enough information to bother reviewing, but there aren’t a lot of calls for social network game developers, so if that sounds like fun, give ’em a call.