Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (25-50)

October 2, 2008

Picking up where we left off on the Deloitte Fast 50, figuring out who’s local and who has jobs.

Local companies with interesting positions (or non-local companies with local positions):

  • Truition (#32) does “eCommerce destinations” at Front and University, and is looking for core developers with Java and C++, a Graphic Designer, Network Operations and QA.  I hear through the grapevine that they’ve made cuts recentely, which is hard to reconcile with being in the Fast 50, so you would want to exercise caution.
  • Bluecat Networks (#33) does ip address management at Yonge and York Mills.  They’re looking for a range of people, from Java Developers, QA, trainers, tech writers.
  • Dundas Data Visualization (#34) does data visualization (graphing, mapping, etc.) software/components that integrate with microsoft technologies, from .NET to SharePoint up at Eglinton/DVP where OnX used to fly their logo.  They’re looking for a range of people: developers, tech writers, graphic designers, evangelists.
  • PointClickCare (#35) does long-term-care software-as-a-service at 401 & Mississauga road.  They’re looking for Java developers with and without a reporting (Jasper Reports) background.
  • NRT Technology (#39) does ‘cash handling’  (mostly point-of-sale) at Finch & McCowan.  They’re looking for a developer with a C++/Java background.
  • Averna (#41) does ‘test engineering’ software out of Montreal, QC.  Most of their jobs are in Montreal, but they do have some Toronto and Toronto/Montreal openings.
  • Masstech Group (#43) does “broadcast workflow”, which seems to consist of video management solutions at Leslie & 16th (404 & 407).  They’re looking for C and Java developers.
  • Redline Communications (#47) does wireless broadband at Warden and Highway 7.  They’re looking for network hardware people and software developer.

Local companies, no interesting positions:

  • Grey Island Systems (#26) provides Internet/GPS fleet-management systems, which seem to be primarily for tracking the location/status of your fleet.  No obvious postings.

Nearly local companies, or companies with nearly-local positions:

  • Talent Technology (#29) does recruitment and hiring software out of Richmond BC, and they’re looking for core developers with .NET skills.  However, they are also hiring some Kitchener-based people with a more implementation-oriented focus.
  • Evertz Microsystems (#37) does HDTV/IPTV in Burlington.  They’re looking for hardware and software (C, Python, Java) people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Navtech (#38) does flight operations software in Waterloo.  They’re looking for a developer (C++, Perl) and QA Manager.

Non-local companies:

  • VendTek (#27) provides systems for the “global prepaid” market and financial services out of BC enabling te sale of things ranging from gift cards to ring tones.  No obvious postings.
  • WellPoint Systems (#28) does software for resource companies (Energy, Mining) in Calgary, AB.  They’re looking for some developers who know something about Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Distech Controls (#30) does building automation controls for greener buildings in Brossard, QC.  No current openings.
  • Serenic (#31) does financial management software for non-profits, NGOs and public-sector out of Edmonton, AB.  They’re looking for consultants, tech support and qa.
  • IDC (#36) does digital radiography out of Calgary, AB.  They’re looking for some QA.
  • WebTech Wireless (#40) does location-based services including vehicle-tracking and telematics out of Burnaby, BC.  They’re looking for C developers, QA manager, etc.
  • Bridgewater Systems (#42) does what they call “Subscriber-centric policy management” out of Ottawa.  They’re looking for C developers, database administrators, etc.
  • Icron Technologies (#44) does USB extension (wired or wireless) out of Burnaby BC.  They’re mostly looking for people with hardware skills.
  • Rutter (#45) does “marine technology, engineering” (according to Deloitte) in Saint John’s, NL.  They’re looking for a quality engineer.
  • Artificial Mind and Movement (#46) does video games in Montreal.  They’re looking for a variety of video-game related positions.
  • SDP Components (#48) does microwave ferrite devices and custom assemblies (?) in Dorval, QC.  They’re looking for engineers, particularly ones who know RF Microwave.
  • Intelerad Medical Systems (#49) does medical imaging software in Montreal, QC.  They’re looking for developers with a Java background.
  • Versatile Systems (#50) does in Vancouver, BC (as well as other places).  They’re looking for various roles in software development (Java, Web, Windows/Driver, Manager, QA, SysAdmin).
That’s the lot.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (1-25)

September 26, 2008

There’s always some index or other of ‘good companies’ being announced, it seems.  Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 was released, and I’ll do the usual and scan the ranked companies to figure out who’s local and has good positions.  It’s interesting to note that Deloitte suggests that the rate of growth is slowing.

Local companies with interesting positions:

  • PlateSpin (#2) is now a Novell company, and does server consolidation and virtualization in the east end near King and Parliament.  They’re looking for software developers, infrastructure developers and windows internal developers.
  • ViXS (#12) does video hardware at 404/401, and they’re looking for lots of hardware and software types, looks pretty low-level, but if that’s your thing, could be pretty interesting.
  • Camilion Solutions (#13) does policy development/administration systems for insurance in Markham (404/407); they’ve got a few positions open at various levels for people with some Java background.
  • RuggedCom (#14) does ‘industrial strength networks’ at 400/407, and they’re looking for technical people in both hardware and software.
  • Research in Motion (#16) does blackberries in Waterloo and Mississauga.  They’re looking for all sorts of people, although a Java background is often helpful.
  • SCI (#17) does auto retail software-as-a-service in Markham at 404/Steeles and is looking for a .NET developer.
  • Vizible (#19) does something about content and browsing that I never quite understand at King and Spadina and is looking for XPCOM, Installshield and 3D developers.

Local companies, no interesting positions:

  • Nightingale Informatix (#1) does electronic medical records in Markham, so you might imagine they do have relevant software positions, but there certainly aren’t any right now.
  • Mythum interactive (#4) seems like it would have tech jobs, but doesn’t list postings on their website.
  • Brandimensions (#9) does branding in Mississauga, no obvious postings.
  • Impact Mobile (#10) does mobile marketing, no obvious postings.

Nearly local companies:

  • Sandvine (#7) does network managemenet in Waterloo.  They’re looking for developers, testers, hardware types — all kinds.
  • Desire2Learn (#23) does learning software (e.g. LMS) out Kitchener-Waterloo and they’re looking for .NET people in K-W and Moncton, NB.

Non-local companies:

  • Level platforms (#3) does remote monitoring/management in Ottawa, and they’re looking for developers.
  • Vision Critical (#5) does in Vancouver, and they’re looking for .net and web developers.
  • Corinex (#6) does networking in Vancouver, and has no obvious postings.
  • OZ Communications (#8) does mobile messaging in Montreal and is looking for all sorts of tech positions.
  • BTI systems (#11) does optical networking; their software development positions seem to be in Belfast, Ireland.
  • DragonWave (#15) does broadband wireless in Kanata, ON.
  • Solium Capital (#18) does software to manage stock plans out of Calgary.  They’re looking for a Java architect/developer.
  • Radialpoint (#20) does managed internet services / security out of Montreal.  They’re looking for a wide variety of tech openings (C++, OS X, Product Management, ASP.NET).
  • Nstein (#21) does software for the publishing industry in Montreal.  They’re looking for .NET, Java, PHP.
  • Creaform (#22) does ‘3D Solutions’ including fun-looking laser scanners out of Levis, QC.  They’re looking for people with a CAD background, near as I can tell.
  • Genentech (#23) is apparently out of Saint-Laurent, but the only postings I can see are not in Canada, so I’m not sure what to read into that — perhaps I’ve got the wrong Genentech?
  • TeraXion (#25) does optical work (lasers, dispersion compensaators) with no relevant postings.
There are, of course, 25 more.

Red Herring Canada 2008: T-Z

September 3, 2008
Continuing to look at the nominees for Red Herring’s 2008 Canadian version of the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, having already looked at A-FG-N and O-S.  These are divided based on my findings of who’s local and who has interesting / relevant jobs posted on their website. If I list a company you own or are affiliated with, and you’d like to correct something I’ve said or just say Hi, feel free.  With a list this long, there’s only so much mental space I’m devoting to each of you, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll miss something or misrepresent something.Local, relevant jobs:

  • SimBioSys does computational chemistry up northeast of the airport (427/409).   The location doesn’t appeal to me at all, but if you’re up there already, then you might be interested to see that they’re looking for a Scientific Application Developer (C++, Java, 3D, web, etc.)
  • Uptime does a system monitoring solution out at Queen and Bathurst, and they’re looking for a Client Support Engineer, Sr. Systems Administrator, QA Team Lead and Software Developer (Java/PHP).  We’ve talked about Uptime before.
  • Vizible does a content delivery/player solution thingy that I don’t feel comfortable trying to explain at King and Spadina.  They’re looking for an XPCOM developer, Installshield developer and 3D Graphics developer.  The XPCOM development position is pretty rare if that’s what you’re into.

Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • Sigma Systems does “IP Service Fulfillment” near Wellington and University.  They’re not currently looking for anything relevant, although I’ve certainly seen their postings before.
  • Talkster does an advertising-supported free-long-distance service up at Don Mills and Lawrence.  No obvious postings.
  • Viigo does mobile applications, including a well-reputed newsreader, at Front and Jarvis.  They’re looking for a Sr. Sales Executive, but nothing very technical right now.
  • Vivonet does some kind of ERP / business intelligence thing for retail/hospitalitiy out of Vancouver.  They’re looking for the following: Jr. SysAdmin, DBA, .NET and Delphi developers and Support Analyst.
Not local or just not sure:
  • Sempa Power does hybrid/green heating out of North Vancouver.  The only engineers they’re looking for are in the vein of mechanical engineers, not software “engineers”, or even electrical engineers with a comp-sci background.
  • Sidense does Logic Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) out of Ottawa.  They’re mostly looking for people with pretty low-level hardware skills, but they are looking for a new grad in software (Java, C++, Perl, Shell scripting) as well as a CAD engineer and an account executive.
  • SiteMasher does a Software as a Service mashup-development platform out of Vancouver.  No obvious postings.
  • SiXtron does coatings for solar out of Quebec.  They’re looking for a field engineer, accountant and chemist.
  • Standout Jobs does a SaaS recruiting platform for businesses, it’s always seemed like a pretty good solution.  They do Ruby on Rails work out of Montreal, and they’re not currently looking for anything specific, but they still encourage you to drop them a line if you’re interested.
  • StatusFirm “reinvents communication on the internet” through some kind of “communication network” platform.  Basically, their argument seems to revolve around having a specialized solution for building particular kinds of websites well/fast.  They’re out of Edmonton, and looking for PHP and Web developers.
  • Sutus does a single appliance to offer phone/internet/network for small business out of BC.  They don’t have any postings at the moment.
  • Telepin does a mobile financial platform out of Ottawa.  No obvious postings.
  • Tungle does meeting scheduling out of Montreal.  They’re looking for QA and Java Development.
  • Udutu does online course authoring out of Victoria.  They’re looking for a web (html, flash, photoshop) developer and contractors.
  • Versature does Hosted PBX out of Ottawa.  No obvious postings.
  • VoIPshield does VoIP security in Ottawa, and is looking for a SysAdmin, Webmaster and some sales positions.
  • WideSail does semiconductor intellectual property out of Montreal.  No obvious postings.
  • WurldTech does industrial security in Vancouver and is looking for a Linux Developer, Network Protocol Developer, Web Application Developer and white-hats to test their skills on their “hack this” challenge.
That’s it!  Finito.

Red Herring Canada 2008: O-S

September 2, 2008

Continuing to look at the nominees for Red Herring’s 2008 Canadian version of the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, having already looked at A-F, G-N.  These are divided based on my findings of who’s local and who has interesting / relevant jobs posted on their website.

If I list a company you own or are affiliated with, and you’d like to correct something I’ve said or just say Hi, feel free.  With a list this long, there’s only so much mental space I’m devoting to each of you, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll miss something or misrepresent something.

Local, relevant jobs:


  • Refresh Partners does marketing and analytics for social networks as well as social network applications.  It looks to me like Facebook is the current focus.  They’re looking for PHP and PHP/Java devs to work on social network properties like Dogbook.  Since they’re the only local company with obviously relevant jobs in this bunch, they deserve your full attention.


Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • OmniDate does virtual dating out of Toronto, but has no obvious postings.
  • PlanetEye does travel planning with a photography bent out of Toronto with no obviously relevant postings (although they’d like people to write about certain destinations and/or supply geotagged photography).

Not very local, but not very far:

  • OmniGlobe Networks “provides affordable, satellite and WiMAX broadband Internet, VoIP, tele-education, telemedicine and cellular services to world regions where terrestrial telecommunications are unavailable, unreliable, or simply too expensive” out of Montreal, but they’re looking for network technicians in stratford, java developers and systems engineers in montreal and a broadband business development manager.
  • Q5X do wireless microphones in London, ON. amd are looking for an RF Engineer / Electronics Technologist.
  • RapidMind does some kind of multi-core development platform in Waterloo.  They’re looking for the following: System Architect, Systems Engineer, Application Developer, Tech Writer, Sales / BizDev, Product Management, Developer Support Specialist.  Looks like their development is in C++.

Not local or just not sure:

  • Origin BioMed does natural health products / pharmaceuticals in Halifax, NS, with no obvious job postings. 
  • Overlay.TV does online video out of Ottawa, and is looking for a Senior Flash Developer.
  • Perceptronix does cancer diagnosis in Vancouver, with no relevant job postings (they’d like an Accountant, though).
  • Praized does local search for social media out of Montreal, and is looking for a Front-End Web Developer.
  • Project Opus seems to do music-related social networks out of Vancouver with no obvious postings.
  • Protecode does software governance out of Ottawa and is looking for: Sr. DB Designer, 3x Sr. Software Tech Support Rep, 2x Sr. Java Developer.
  • Radian6 builds software to monitor social media – interesting idea, and probably one that either is or will be in demand.  Unfortunately, they do it in Fredricton, New Brunswick, so unless you’re looking to move to The Maritimes / Acadie, they might be a little out of reach.  Their only current posting is a sales position anyway.
  • Ryma does product management software out of Montreal.  They’re looking mostly for sales and marketing types, but they’re also looking for some people to work in their professional services arm, including some .NET work.
We’ve only got S-W left, and then we’re finally done!

Red Herring Canada 2008: G-N

August 29, 2008

Continuing to look at the nominees for Red Herring’s 2008 Canadian version of the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, having already looked at A-F.  These are divided based on my findings of who’s local and who has interesting / relevant jobs posted on their website.

If I list a company you own or are affiliated with, and you’d like to correct something I’ve said or just say Hi, feel free.  With a list this long, there’s only so much mental space I’m devoting to each of you, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll miss something or misrepresent something.

Local, relevant jobs:

  • LearnHub, by Savvica, is a social learning network done in Ruby on Rails near King and University with open positions in Rails, Community Manager, Content Writer, BizDev Manager.
  • Morega does digital multimedia in Mississauga, and is looking for the following: Embedded Software Engineer (C/Linux), Cryptography Software Engineer, Embedded Software and Systems Architect, Senior Server Engineers (C++/Java) and Product Manager, and just secured $10M financing.
  • N4 Systems does safety compliance software at Queen and John, and is looking for an Intermediate Java Developer, Intermediate C# Mobile developer and QA lead.
  • Nulogy does contract packaging at Queen and Bathurst, and is looking for Program Management / User Experience Designer, Visual and Interaction Web Designer.

Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • Iristel does telecom out of Markham – residential and enterprise phone/dsl solutions.  No obvious jobs, though.
  • Jazinga does telephony at Yonge/Sheppard.  They’re “always looking for dynamic/experienced/inspired individuals”, but haven’t posted any specific opportunities.
  • LyricFind does searching and display of music lyrics at Yonge and Eglinton.  No obvious job postings.
  • Modiface does face visualization (what would I look like if …) at Bloor and Bay but don’t have obvious job postings.
  • Mondial Energy does solar power, possibly in the Beach (although that may be a home-office), with no obvious job postings.

Not very local, but not very far:

  • IGLOO software does “corporate social networking” out of Kitchener.  They’re looking for a project manager, QA lead, and database developer.
  • LoyaltyMatch brokers points from loyalty systems by connecting users who want to own things that are in loyalty program catalogues with users who’d like to trade their points for cash.  Interesting idea.   They’re out of waterloo, and don’t have any obvious job postings.
  • MedShare does point-of-care mobile solutions for medical out of Cambridge.  They’re looking for .NET developers and Java mobile developers.

Not local or just not sure:

  • Gaboogie Canada / Lypp does conference calling and other VOIP solutions out of Vancouver.  No obvious relevant postings.
  • GiveMeaning is online fundraising out of Vancouver.  No obvious relevant postings.
  • ICEsoft does rich web client solutions out of Calgary.  They’re looking for a Java EE developer.  If you fill that position, take the opportunity to fix the broken links on their website while you’re there, eh?
  • Indel is early-stage biotechnology.  They don’t offer much info on location or jobs, but they’re probably not overflowing with software and IT jobs.
  • Inimex does pharmaceuticals to trigger your own defences (immune response?) out of Vancouver.  No obviously relevant jobs.
  • Jiibe has a site to help employees find employers with their desired culture (interesting idea, but not really that profound in implementation) and another tool to help companies measure/steer their culture.  Out of Vancouver, no relevant jobs visible.
  • KeyCanada is a real estate community out of Kingston.  No career postings that I can see.
  • Lavablast does software for franchise owners out of Ottawa and Montreal; .NET openings available.
  • LED Medical Diagnostics does an oral cancer screening system (Velscope) out of BC.  No obvious job postings.
  • Light-Based Technologies does solid-state lighting products out of BC.  No obvious job postings.
  • LiquidxStream seems to do cable/video operator hardware revolving around quadrature amplitude modulation in Montreal.  No obvious job postings.
  • Lumerical does microscale/nanoscale optics in BC.  They’d like a software developer with OpenGL/C++ and if you know some PHP, that won’t hurt.
  • M5T does SIP telephony out of Sherbrooke, QC, and is looking for software developers with C++.
  • MailChannels fights Spam from their lair in Vancouver.  They’re looking for a sysadmin and a software dev with experience in a variety of languages.
  • MediaScrape does multi-lingual news video out of Montreal, with no obvious job postings.
  • MetroLeap does web entertainment out of BC, with no obvious postings.
  • Mixpo does online video advertising out of Victoria, BC; no obvious postings.
  • Mobidia does ip services management for mobile devices in Vancouver.  They’re looking for a director of project management and a quality assurance engineer.
  • MoboVivo does video for mobile devices, notably iPod/iPhone/PSP out of Calgary.  No obvious postings.
  • My Virtual Model does virtual models (I have a hard time describing it concisely, go check out the site) out of Montreal, with no open postings.
  • Myca does “connected” healthcare in Quebec City, no obvious postings.

Red Herring Canada 2008 (A-F)

August 28, 2008

Well, Red Herring has released its list of nominees fo the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, although the official launch of said list seems to be in mid-September, at which point there may be more information on who they selected and why. In the meantime, I thought I’d do the usual and figure out who’s local and whether or not they have interesting job postings.  I’ll divide the list based on my findings so that you don’t have to read them all.  Since there are a LOT of companies on this list, this first posting covers A-F.

Local, relevant jobs:

  • BlueCat Networks does IP Address Management out of TO.  They’re looking for some Software Developers, QA, etc.  I don’t love their somewhat-north location.
  • BlueSlice is looking for some software designers, but seems like you probably need a stronger telecom background than I have to know what they’re looking for and whether or not it’s interesting.
  • Camilion does insurance software up in Markham, and has openings for Java / J2EE work.
  • Cascada Mobile has a stylish website and seems to offer a platform for developing and delivering applications for mobile devices up at Yonge/Eglinton.  They don’t have job postings listed, but would probably be a potential employer, so it might be worth inquiring.
  • Casebank seems to do expert systems for Aerospace out of Mississauga, and has openings for Sr. Java developers.
  • FileMobile does a social media platform at King and Dufferin.  They’re looking for a Web Developer(XHTML/CSS), Project/Client Manager and SysAdmin.
  • Fresco Microchip is a fabless semiconductor company out of Markham and Ottawa.  Some postings, if you’ve got mad chip-designing skillz (DSP Engineer, Lab Technologist).

Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • 6NSilicon may be local, but they’re looking for engineers with foundry experience, not software developers or IT.
  • A Couple of Chicks is local, but they don’t seem to want help.  If you’re into SEO and online marketing (and being female may not hurt, given their company name), you could give ’em a call.
  • Avaning does “next-generation home-automation” and is looking for an HVAC engineer in TO.
  • b5media is building a blog empire, but isn’t currently looking for anyone to fill a position I care about.
  • Cervelo seems to be a pharmaceutical company in Mississauga.  I don’t see any sign of careers, but since they seem to be doing testing of Cannabinoids, some of you will want to try applying anyway.   You know who you are.  You might want to avoid mentioning your extensive experience with Cannabinoids during the interview process.
  • Clay Tablet does translation integration software down by the Distillery; they don’t currently seem to have any relevant openings, although they seem like a company that might sometimes have interesting ones.
  • CommunityLend does some kind of microfinance community lending system down by Adelaide and Peter.  No job openings posted, but they presumably have software jobs from time to time.
  • Eluta does a great job search engine out of Toronto, but, sadly, they don’t seem to be hiring themselves.  But they’re great, use ’em.  “Respect.”

Not very local, but not very far:

  • AideRSS does RSS/news filtering to find the “important” items, basically.  They get a lot of press, and I’m inclined to think they’re going places.  They’re out of Kitchener/Waterloo, which isn’t truly local, and definitely looking for people (Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails / Web Developer, JavaScript Ninja / Firefox Extension Developer).  If you’re out in the K/W area, I’d definitely consider them.  And Google.  Although perhaps Google will buy them.
  • Brainpark is doing something that sounds vaguely like groupware, and is looking for Python/Django developers in Guelph.
  • Blue Zone Technologies is out of Concord, and may not actually have any jobs.
  • ConceptShare does a community solution for feedback on concepts, designs, etc.  They’re in Sudbury, don’t seem to have job postings.
  • Covarity does loan monitoring out of Kitchener, and has a .NET job opening.

Not local or just not sure:

  • Aceris 3D does inspection systems, and is looking for a C++ Developer (with Java and Delphi experience), but they’re out of Montreal.
  • AdHack describes themselves as a marketplace for advertising — looks like they’re trying to crowdsource advertising.  They seem to be out of Vancouver and aren’t obviously looking for help.
  • Akoha does something I haven’t entirely figured out with respect to online community / playing / entertainment.  They’re out of Montreal and aren’t currently filling any specific positions, although you could still give them a shout.
  • Angstrom power does fuel cells and is looking for the non-software-developing kind of engineers in British Columbia.
  • Backbone Systems does managed IT solutions for small-to-medium business out of Vancouver.
  • Belair Networks does mesh networks out of Kanata, ON.
  • Categorical Design seems to be big on the semantic web, has an odd site design, and generally gives off an ecclectic vibe that I don’t really buy into.  I don’t know where they’re located and I don’t know if they’re hiring.  If you’re big on ecclectic, you can dig for yourself, then come back and let me know.
  • Contigo does asset tracking out of BC, and has some relevant jobs.
  • Cyrium Technologies does high-efficiency solar out of Ottawa.  No postings, probably not relevant.
  • DevShop does a hosted software project management solution out of Ottawa.  No career postings that I can see.
  • DirectVoxx does natural-language voice control out of Caltary.  No career postings that I can see.
  • Elcotech does industrial equipment (sludge-dewatering?) in Sherbrooke, QC.  No obvious relevant postings.
  • Engene delivers therapeutic proteins via genetics in BC.  No postings.
  • Mobinym seems have a dialing application for cell phones out of Westmount, QC.  No obvious postings.

PICK 20: Jobs

July 28, 2008

Well, after yesterday’s IDC post, Corey pointed out the PICK 20, “the first and only national roundup of Canada’s Web 2.0 pioneers and practitioners.” I don’t imagine it has any connection to his employer being number two in the list. 😉 That said, the reference was a polite nudge and in the same theme, it’s briefly interesting to check out who’s on the list, who’s local, and whether or not they’re hiring: