Over the past five years, I’ve developed a habit of staying in touch with the technology job market, in part to see what’s out there and in part to find interesting new positions for myself. As a result, I look at a fair amount of technology jobs in a day, and I’ve refined my own sense of what’s interesting, usually finding interest in one or more of these categories:

  • Company
  • Project
  • Role
  • Compensation
  • Technology

After doing this for a while, I decided that if I were going through this effort, I should share the interesting jobs that I find with colleagues who might be interested, and with anyone else who might be looking for a technology job in Toronto.

I make no claims to be bias-free, I have a perspective, and for those of you who agree, this might be a good place to find jobs. If you’re looking for a job that I wouldn’t find interesting, well, you might be on your own. I’m not opposed to having people send me job listings, but I’m only going to post ’em if I find them interesting in some way.

As with any regularly-published missive, there will be strong weeks and slow weeks. If a moderately interesting job comes out in a week when there are lots of great jobs, it will probably get less attention. In a really slow week, I might share some jobs that, in other weeks, I wouldn’t bother with, simply because they were the most interesting ones that I saw.

Feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome.  You can try reach me on gmail.com [at] geoffrey [dot] wiseman.

About Me
Since I accidentally let synecdoche.com lapse and I haven’t bothered to pick up another domain, my digital identity is now fractured, and I can’t point you to a single place to learn about me.  As as result, I guess it’s time to put a little in here.

Hi.  I’m Geoffrey Wiseman.

I’m a software generalist in Toronto, with a focus on Java and Agile.  I do technology journalism for myself, for InfoQ.com (Java and Agile, surprise, surprise), and you can find me lurking on an array of open-source mailing lists.  I occasionally attend a conference, and I’m usually employed somewhere in software in Toronto.  I try to be pretty direct and honest, although I’ll be politically sensitive when the need arises.

I’m usually drowning in email, but if you want to contact me at the address above, do feel free, just don’t mind if I fail to return the message quickly.


2 Responses to About

  1. Trevor says:

    Interesting site idea with a great format. Thanks for the mention too.


  2. Aaron says:

    Having recently gone through a job hunt, I was very happy to have stumbled across this site. I was intrigued and fascinated by how you parsed job postings to gain insight into the company behind them.

    Keep up the good work.


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