Beta Soft Systems: Flex 3 Developer

March 4, 2009

Beta Soft Systems is looking for a Flex 3 Developer (dice,, webdev jobs):

We are a software company at the forefront of service-oriented technology with a new software componentization technique which we have successfully applied to solve challenging business problems. We are using our platform to build SOA-based application solutions that require Flex 3 technology at the user interface layer. 

Developer(s) will be involved in architecting, designing and implementing creative and innovative Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with Adobe Flex 3 based upon specification of the end customer. Developer will be responsible for engineering and building Flex 3 panels that will pass Web services to an agile business layer that uses our platform. Developer will be trained to create services using our high-level drag and drop tool.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this opportunity.  They’ve got a published salary of 80-90k, a travel percentage of “100%” and they’re looking for “two plus years” with Flex.  If you’ve got a lot of experience, I think the salary’s not high enough to compensate for this level of travel.  On the other hand, if you’ve got a few years experience, some in Flex and some  in the enterprise, and you’re willing to travel, this might be a reasonable opportunity to get paid more than you might otherwise.  Your mileage may vary, I’m sure.


Oracle/OnDemand CRM: Software Development Manager

April 6, 2008

Oracle is looking for a software development manager to work with their OnDemand CRM team:

We are looking for an experienced, energetic manager to lead our applications team (approximately 12 developers). This person should share our passion about creating industry changing applications that are focused on our end users.  This position will entail responsibility for end to end application development and delivery including development, QA, PSR, & Operations. This role will also require close coordination with many other groups in Oracle including Product Management, Customer Care, Legal, etc.

The Good
From the sounds of things, it’s a senior role in a good-sized team of people working on relatively modern technology to deliver large-scale products that people are interested in, that the large company that owns this team supports, using agile methods.

There’s a lot to be impressed by, in that list.

The Bad
First of all, there’s not a ton of detail.  What’s the team like, what are the projects, are people really interested in them, and does Oracle really support them.  What’s it like to work at this location, is it really a small-company feel with big-company resources, or a big-company feel with small-company resources?  What’s the compensation?

And to the specifics — there’s a reference about multiple time zones.  If you’ve got a team of twelve and you’re managing them in an agile fashion, why are time-zones a requirement?  Is this agile team of twelve spread about the globe?

First and foremost, the location is steeles and the 404, which is well outside of Toronto, and depending where you live, either convenient, or ludicrous.  For me, it’d be the latter.

Well, although your immediate connection is with the local team, the overall company is Oracle.  For some people, that might sound just-about-perfect: the resources of the big company when you need it, and a small place to hang your hat and make a mark.  To others, that might sound like the sort of place where your office is too small to offer daycare and free meals, but there’s thirty-sheets of paperwork to fill out any time you want to shift one developer from one project to another.  One of you is likely more right than the other, but I can’t tell you which one.

Finally, Flex: it’s an interesting technology, and I expect we’re all going to see more of it, but it’s a bit of a bear to work with in automated testing, which could be a problem for an agile team.

This looks tailor-made for someone who’s uptown already (or at least mid-town) when they start their day, and is willing to work for a company that sounds like Oracle.

Java/Flex StraightThrough CRM

February 21, 2008

StraightThrough CRM “” and is looking for a Java/Flex/RIA developer:

Keen interest in new and cutting edge technologies in Rich Internet Application development a must (Flash, ActionScript, AJAX, Flex 2) – experience with Flex/AS 3.0 skill sets preferred however we will provide hands on training for strong Java developers with proven coding savvy (at least 2-3 years experience in a software or web application development environment).

There’s only so much RIA in town, so if this is your thing, go see StraightThrough CRM.  Their website looks like it uses a free template and generic stock photos, but at least this is an opportunity to learn a little about the company in question.  There’s no sign of details about compensation.