Follow-Up: Direct Leap: Developer

March 9, 2009

I mentioned Direct Leap last week when David Crow posted their opening for a couple of developers.  Since then, a few more postings have come through (or I was able to correlate them mentally with this position), and there’s enough detail to do a bit more of a writeup:

The Good
The technology’s interesting.  Ruby on Rails working with VoIP, sounds unusual, but interesting.  It also sounds like they’ve got a good cause in mind.  Finally, there aren’t a ton of Ruby jobs in Toronto, and most of them are not especially well-paid.  I’m not sure if I should trust the DevBistro posting in this regard, but the posted salary range of $90-$120k is a pretty solid salary range.  If, in fact, they’re offering a solid compensation package of above-average pay and vacation, plus interesting technology and a good cause, I would think they’re worth a look.  They’re also claiming to be Agile, although there isn’t a lot of supporting material, and lots of companies claim agility.

The Bad
Well, if you’re not into Ruby, the bad might be that it sounds like an interesting opportunity that you don’t have the skillset for?  Despite the dev-bistro posting, I’m still suspicious that this might not be incredibly well-compensated, simply because both the non-profit angle and the ruby on rails angle would typically imply that to me, not to mention the apparent small size of the company.  That said, you’ll need to inquire to learn more about the compensation, and that might not be a primary factor for you. 

What’s Missing?
Is this really a not-for-profit organization with above-average compensation?  That’s not the usual correlation, so I’m a little suspicious that the dev-bistro posting is not quite right.  When they say “part custom distributed network application”, are they still talking Ruby, or is this implemented in something else, and if so, what?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to the social enterprise angle.  For some, that’d be a huge attractor, while others probably won’t care.  I don’t imagine anyone would be put off by this, but you never know.  You might also find automated telephony to be a bit of a bane on modern life, and here you’ll be contributing to it.  That said, automated telephony for a good cause is certainly better than the same thing for, say, warning people about bogus car warranty expiration.

The Location
They seem to be located southwest of Queen and Spadina.  A fun neighbourhood, but possibly a little far afield if you’re not coming from that neck of the woods.  It’s a bit of a hike from the subway, although it’s not totally out-of-question. 

In Summary
If you’re into Ruby and you’re looking for a job, it’s probably worth giving them a shout.


FollowUp: Unspecified, VP of Software Development

December 10, 2008

The unspecified VP of Software Development Job that I listed in October is still making the rounds in truncated form.  If you’re VP material with skills in video, VoIP and OLAP, then by all means.  It seems to be that they’re looking for a pretty rare set of skills.


February 12, 2008
  • Empirical‘s looking for a CTO.  Empirical calls themselves dialogue architects, which as I understand it, is marketing-eze for ‘Marketing’.
  • A lead platform architect for a company tackling VOIP/SIP sounds like an interesting opportunity, particularly if you know something about the protocols they’re looking for.
  • There’s not much detail here, and what there is worries me a little.  I guess I’m skeptical of model-driven development claims.  Still, if you believe in MDA, it sounds like the compensation’s good and the role is ‘strategic’.
  • It’s interesting that Canadian Tire is using ESB.  Looks like it’s a big-vendor solution based on websphere message broker, but still.  It’d be interesting to have a few more details.  It’s also interesting that they feel compelled to explain ESB to potential candidates.
  • I have to admit, Part-Time Software Architect seems a little odd.  I can mentally invent scenarios where this makes sense (e.g. small startup wants expertise they can’t afford), but … you just don’t see postings like this very often.