Avid Life Media: iPhone, Sr. Web Developer

February 4, 2009

Avid Life Media, whom I’ve mentioned before, is looking for an iPhone Developer and a Senior Web Developer.  Last I heard, they were using agile methods and some fun technology, and paying reasonably well, all of which sounded great.  On the other hand, I know a couple people who’ve talked to them in detail and opted not to continue because they weren’t totally enthused about the big projects that Avid Life media owns; that’s a decision you’d have to make for yourself.  Since Avid Life doesn’t go into detail about what they do, I won’t spoil it for them, athough they do give away the fact that they’re in the dating business, among other things.

In any case, if you’re interested, I suggest you give them a call to get more details; from the limited contact I’ve had, they seem like nice people.


Unspecified: Contract iPhone Developer

January 28, 2009

Simple and to the point, this post implies that if you’ve got iPhone experience, they’re willing to pay a good contract rate for your skills.  There’s no information to go on, but if you’ve got the skills, then you could follow up.

I’m inclined to believe that less than fifty percent of these brusque posts are actually a real job with no serious flaws, but I guess for a few areas, like iPhone dev, I could imagine that some of you are willing to take a risk now and again and find out who’s on the other end.

Hobby Job: MacWorld iPhone App Reviewer

January 22, 2009

If you’re interested in writing short reviews of iPhone apps for a small fee, macworld would like to hear from you.  Seems like the kind of hobby that someone already doing mobile / iPhone development might enjoy doing for relatively limited compensation.

iPhone Technical Lead

January 12, 2009

Most of the iPhone postings I see in Toronto fall into one of two categories:

  • Sketchy: someone wants to do something on the iPhone and isn’t at all clear if they have a job, a partnership, or if they’re just harvesting emails for spam.  Too short and lacking in any detail that makes it feel real.
  • Partnership:  someone would like you to do all the heavy lifting in return for a percentage of the profit.  Often, it’s not clear what the poster is bringing to the relationship.  Most of the time, I’d say if coding for free in return for some of the profit interests you, you’d be better off setting out on your own, or with people you know and trust, rather than some dude on Craigslist.

This posting, on the other hand, is pretty low on detail, but carries some vague verisimilitude with respect to a job posting.  It’s possible that there’s someone on the other end who actually wants to hire you and pay you a salary.  There’s nowhere near enough detail to be sure, bu t it’s still a step up from most.  There’s still not enough for a full writeup, but if you’ve got iPhone experience and you’d like to move into an iPhone-related employment, this might be worth further investigation.

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour (Toronto 04-Dec)

October 9, 2008

The iPhone Tech Talk World Tour comes to Toronto on 04-Dec-2008.  This might be useful if you’re interested in doing iPhone development, or getting one of these jobs:

This is also presumably a good network event for those interested in iPhone development or already doing iPhone development.  Get a look at some of the people in town doing iPhone work, talk to them, find out what they’re up to.

Unspecified: iPhone Developers (Immediate)

September 3, 2008

Someone is looking for several iPhone developers who can start work immediately:

– be familiar and preferably experienced with Xcode, Cocoa (Cocoa Touch), and Objective-C 
– be able to provide tweaks and bug testing after product release 
– have adequate time to devote to development (please make this clear in your email) 
– value clean code that must be constantly tested and reduced to provide a fluid and uncluttered program 
– above all, quality driven (we refuse to release a product that is not up to standards expected by paying customers) 

The Good
Their desire to have people start immediately could give you a little leverage if you have the skills they need.  And, from what I can see, iPhone development is interesting and potentially a good long-term career move, given the increasing focus on mobile devices, of which the iPhone is currently king.

The Bad
Their desire to have people start immediately could speak to time pressure that might only get worse.   There’s very little information here, and what’s there doesn’t leap out at me as being great.

Like several other iPhone positions that have come through, they’re clearly looking for partners rather than employees — they want to pay you on App Store revenue, which is good and bad: you’re trading security for revenue potential.  You’d want to evaluate the potential of the idea very carefully.  As is often true here, if you really have the wherewithal to work on an app store application without needing income, then perhaps you should be working on your own, not someone else’s?

In Summary
If you’re in the rare position of being able to work for 4-8 weeks on an iPhone application without needing to pay lots of bills in that period (or with lots of spare time) and you’re interested in taking on a partnership arrangement with an unspecified party under heavy time pressure, you might inquire.  Most of you will wisely consider many of those points to be a deal-breaker.

A Bouquet of iPhone / Mobile Little Bites

August 18, 2008

I’ve seen very few postings for iPhone dev that look like really credible jobs, so … if you’re just looking for a side gig to get into the iPhone, you might want to look into some of the listings that follow, but if you’re looking for a serious job with a serious company, I’m not entirely sure if you’ll find one here.

Mostly, I think people smell an opportunity here and are scrambling to take advantage, although, to be honest, I think the easy advantage was to the first movers here, and we’re past that, so now you probably have to do a serious application to cut through the noise.

We’ll call this Mobile Monday:

  • Someone is looking for a software designer and software engineer.  Some parts of this posting sound a lot like the Cocoa Touch Games posting, so it’s possible this is a duplicate, but other parts make me think it’s something else.  Again, this is a partnership for a cut of the sales, not a straight-out job.
  • Someone is looking for Cocoa/Objective-C/iPhone development but … that’s about all we know.  Job?  Contract?  Partnership?  Email harvesting for spam?
  • Another iPhone development posting with no information.
  • A startup at Yonge/Eglinton looking for an iPhone developer to help them build the company.

There was another posting that called for a mobile software developer:

– Design, implement, and test client applications for various devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.
– Actively participate in porting applications to new devices.
– A firm understanding of the intricacies of mobile data networks is ideal.

This looks more credible to me, a little more like an actual job, although not a very senior one.  The location’s a little far afield, and there’s not a lot of information, but it feels slightly more solid.