Follow-Up: Intelliware’s Second Office

September 15, 2008

I noted in April that Intelliware was rumored to be opening a second office closer to the downtown core.  That seems to have happened, so for those of you who considered them, but weren’t willing to commute out to lovely High Park, this could be the right time to check out their current postings.  Adelaide and University’s a nice place to work, convenient to the subway lines.  They still seem to be hiring for:

Also, a network analyst, but that’s less interesting to me personally.  😉

Little Bites: Decisioning Solutions, Intelliware, Salesforce

April 21, 2008

Decisioning Solutions is still looking for that senior java/j2ee developer (

Intelliware is rumored to be opening a second office, closer to downtown. Not that High Park is a bad location for many of you, but that might make it more appealing for some.

Salesforce is looking for a Principal Business Analyst.  Sounds like account management with a little bit of tech support on the side, but Salesforce is a big company and a prime player in the software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service spaces, so that might bring its own interesting challenges.

Little Bites: .NET/Java Technical Lead, Intelliware Architect, Java Developer

March 29, 2008

Robert Half is looking for a Technical Lead with good experience in both .NET and Java, with decent listed compensation. There’s not a lot of details there, and the technology stack leans toward .NET, but if that’s your bent and you’d like to consider getting paid $90-115k, I’m sure Robert Half would like to hear from you.

Looks like Bevertec is trying to help Intelliware find that architect.

This posting seems to be casting the net pretty wide.  A Java developer looking for a fun working environment with some basic technology requirements.  If anyone responds to this, do let me know what it is, I’m morbidly curious.

Little Bites: Intelliware, JumpTV, Technical Architect

March 15, 2008

Intelliware is still looking for an Architect. (Agile, west end, pay is decent but not stellar.)

JumpTV is looking for a Director, Core Technology and BrainHunter is helping ’em out.

While IPTV is a technology that seems relevant in the long-term, I haven’t seen a lot of immediate impact. Worse, I’m not sure that JumpTV is going to be around long enough to take advantage of the long-term, at least based on a quick examination of their Google Finance summary. I am by no means a finance guru, but management shakeups and share price drops don’t seem promising.

TAL Group is helping someone look for a technical architect.  As is often true of recruiter postings, this one has been sanitized of the information required to make it interesting.  What’s the company?  What do they do?  What would you be working on?  Why work here?  What’s the compensation?  At this vague level, it looks reasonable.

Intelliware: Technical Architect

February 27, 2008

Intelliware is looking for a Technical Architect again / still.  There’s very little sense of what the particular job might be, but they’re an agile shop, close to High Park and the subway, typically Java.   Having worked with a few ex-intelliware people, they had both positive and negative things to say, but that’s at least as good a report as most companies get, so there’s room for some cautious optimism.

More clarity on the nature of the initial work, compensation and even the company wouldn’t hurt to make the position more appealing.