Little Bites: BiblioCommons DB, 2/3 PHP, Devlin, PHP ‘Gaming’, Corba

BiblioCommons is also looking for a database developer. I don’t feel like I can represent what a database developer would find interesting, so I won’t post a full summary, but I will say that working on “several terabytes” of data should make this at least mildly interesting.

Someone’s looking for two-thirds of a PHP programmer in what sounds like a very sketchy deal, to me that gets massive morbid curiosity props. $20/hr contract is pretty low, particularly for someone who has built “the next ebay” which is “roughly 95% finished” when you get paid after all work is complete, and have even your lunch schedule worked out in advance. Color me suspicious, but if you’re two thirds of a PHP programmer, by all means, this may be your thing. (Yes, I know they probably mean ‘two or three’).

Devlin is still looking for that tech lead / architect, as I mentioned before.

Someone’s looking to find a PHP developer for web-based ‘gaming’. In Toronto, that typically seems to mean gambling, otherwise that might actually be interesting.

Nubase is looking for web developers who want to do CORBA. If that sounds appealing, you’ll be pleased to know that EJB makes an appearance too.


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