First and foremost, to try and share my knowledge and opinions about finding technology jobs in Toronto, to help others to find the closest thing to their dream job from a tech perspective.  The dream may not always be achievable, but I feel like everyone should aim high, at least.

That said, because maintaining the site takes time and effort, and there’s only so much time and effort I can put into a side project, I’m open to exploring ways to make Toronto Tech Jobs a more self-sustaining venture as long as doing so doesn’t compromise the primary motive or my credibility for that motive.

Because this is all pretty new, I’m not currently going to make promises about what ways I will or won’t explore to make Toronto Tech Jobs a self-sustaining venture.  What I will promise is that I’ll be honest about it — if I am offered a bounty on a job placement and I choose to accept it, I’ll post about it and I’ll try and be sure to reference it any time I make a posting for a job at that company in the future.  I’ll also stay focused on the primary motive here — I’m not interested in Toronto Tech Jobs becoming a for-pay listing of boring jobs for an established audience.  Finally, I’ll try and remain responsive to questions and concerns — if you’re not sure about something, or you’re unhappy with the evolution, let me know, and I’ll try and work it out.

Finally, although I’ll do my best to remain as bias-free as I can, it’s certainly true that everyone has biases, and no matter how hard I try, some of those biases will affect my opinons.  You should always be evaluting a position with respect to your own circumstances and biases rather than simply accepting mine.  That’s probably obvious, but I’d rather be clear.


2 Responses to Motive

  1. Dimitri Gnidash says:

    Hey Geoffrey,

    Thanks a lot for building a useful site! I just found a Python position you listed and I wish I found it 10 days earlier.

    Thanks again for your work and insightful comments!


  2. Jouni says:


    A great start to 2009 – please keep it up! I can’t tell you how much satisfaction I get from reading your reviews. It reminds me that I am not thinking unreasonably when I mentally critique them much the same as you do.

    Thanks for putting the work into this- you’re sharing a lot of value here.

    Hope our paths meet again sometime in the workplace.

    – Jouni

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