Unspecified: Mobile Application Testing

October 27, 2008

Innovoice is helping an unspecified company look for someone who can help them with mobile application testing:

The successful candidate will be experienced with wireless technologies and specifically with an understanding of the application technologies that reside in mobile handsets and other wireless devices. The candidate should also be able to assess these technologies from the perspective of company business objectives and strategies, and not just a technical standpoint. 

The candidate will be a member of the Terminal Certification Lab and, as such, will develop, maintain and execute the test plans pertaining to applications on our PCS and iDEN product portfolio. He/she will also contribute to the development of processes, methodologies, testing techniques and product development. 


• Conduct the execution of test plans for client applications and services; 
• Develop and evolve the test plans pertaining to the handset client applications (e.g., MMS, WAP, content download/streaming, Java™ ME, Video, LBS); 
• Contribute to the development and evolution of testing methodologies – execution, verification/validation, reporting (e.g. automation, centralized issue management); 
• Contribute to the development and evolution of the processes and procedures required to integrate with multiple functional groups; 
• Assist in the early evaluation of candidate handsets for suitability in entering the certification cycle; 
• Stay current with testing methodologies and standards relating to the wireless industry; 
• Stay current with wireless technologies associated with service offerings (e.g., MMS, WAP, content download/streaming, Java™ ME, Video, LBS); 
• Assess and prepare test materials relating to new technologies identified as necessary for implementing new service offerings; 
• Operate computers, servers, test equipment, diagnosis software and test automation software, as applicable to the execution of the test plans and methodologies. 

Although the company is unspecified, a quick google search implies that this might be Telus.  In which case, it might be interesting to note that Telus is opening a new office at 25 York Street, right by Union Station.

The Good
Mobile has been a growth area for some time and it seems like it’s likely to remain one in the years to come.  It could be both interesting and technically challenging, and it sounds like this is likely to be with one of the big carriers, if not, in fact, Telus.  Working out good ways to test location-based services, video, Java applications, messaging and so forth is a pretty wide range of activities that could be challenging and varied.

The Bad
The technologies they mention specifically, CDMA and iDEN are not the technology on which Bell and Telus seem to have pinned their long-term hopes.  As Telus and Bell start migrating away from CDMA, will your role need to shift, or are you being tied to the technology they’re looking to replace?

They’re not looking for much experience; does that mean it’s not a particularly senior role and won’t be well-compensated, or does that simply mean they’re accepting of a wide range of experiences and willing to pay accordingly?  It seems like they’re open to people with advanced skillsets, so I’d hope the latter.

What’s Missing
What’s the company, is it Telus, or something else?  Where would the job be, at 25 York Street, Scarborough, or somewhere else?  Who would you be reporting to and working with?  What would the local organization structure around you be?  What’s the compensation like?  What’s the process?  How serious are they about test automation — are you likely to be spending a lot of your time manually testing handsets?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in testing; when I last ran a role survey of my readers, there weren’t many looking for testing/qa roles.  Then again, if I don’t post interesting testing roles when I find them, it’ll stay that way.

In Summary
If you’re interested in a testing role, this sounds like an interesting and varied role that might be worth further examination.


Telus: Software Specialist

May 12, 2008

Telus is looking for a Software Specialist with both Ruby and Java experience:

a Web Application Developer to design, develop, implement, test and document a enhancements and bug fixes for the Assurent Vulnerability Research Portal (VR Portal). The VR Portal is a key component of the VR service delivery infrastructure and is accessed by our global customer base which includes leading security product vendors, software and high-tech manufacturers, telecommunications providers, and large enterprise customers.

The Good
There aren’t a lot of big companies that are posting opportunities to work on both Java and Rails, and here’s an opportunity where experience in both is a positive.

The Bad
Despite the fact that Telus is looking for someone with some leadership experience, they use the roles “web developer” and “specialist” and are only looking for five years experience, all of which tend to be cues that they don’t intend to pay a lot of money. If you’ve got a fair amount of experience, you might find this doesn’t have the compensation you’re used to, so talk to Telus about the compensation before you waste too much time.

There isn’t much information on the role and there’s basically nothing on the compensation, location, process.

Some of you would probably love to work for a big company like Telus, others amongst you were probably ready to move on to the next listing as soon as you saw the name. I don’t know anyone who works for Telus, but not everyone wants to work for a big company.

They mention Altova. Every time I have to use an Altova tool, I break out in hives, although some of my past colleagues seemed enamoured by XML Spy in ways that I don’t entirely understand.

In Summary
If you’d like a job with a big company, but still be able to do development in both Java and Ruby, Telus may be the company for you. Talk to them about Salary before you get too deep.

Telus: Sr. J2EE Architect

February 29, 2008

Telus is looking for a Senior J2EE Architect:

Key responsibilities include IS strategic planning, IS architecture blueprints, product research and evaluation, application development standards and frameworks, data architecture, technology infrastructure planning and design.

My biggest fear with a role like the one they’re describing is that you’ll be asked to develop and refine an architecture in isolation from the business concerns and implementation concerns.  To be honest, I’m not sure that I really believe that it’s possible to do a good job of that.  Evaluating technologies is one thing, but attempting to architect a solution unless you know the business requirements very clearly and can get involved and stay involved in the implementation effort:  “Oh, I see, I guess object-centric SOA has more pitfalls than was evident in the trial project we conducted.  Maybe we should make message objects to help compensate for that?” Without a good feedback cycle, most efforts are doomed to repeat their mistakes.

Although Telus does attempt to tell you a little about themselves in the posting, and I’m glad they’ve tried, it’s deeper in  marketingese than I can really buy:

Our team members include people like you – enthusiastic, innovative, passionate and energetic. We believe that you’ll find our high-performance culture personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and financially rewarding.

That may all be true, but I guess it’s just a little hard to take at face value.  Anyone reading this work at Telus and want to comment?