Syncapse: Social Network Software Developer

Syncapse is looking for a Social Network Software Developer (a teaser posting which preceded this one):

Syncapse Corp. is seeking software developers capable of developing projects, managing priorities, and interacting with clients in a fun startup environment.

  • This is a full time position at a small, growing company
  • This is a technical position developing software for social networks like Facebook, Open Social, and Google Friend Connect 
  • Preparation of technical specifications and feature outlines
  • Develop modular PHP applications
  • Work with 3rd party web services APIs like Facebook, Open Social, Youtube, etc.
  • Test applications, write bug reports, and fix problems
  • work in a team environment

The Good
It sounds like Syncapse is well-positioned and with good clients in a relatively new market, although I can’t easily verify that.  Although social networks are certainly out of the initial hype, I don’t think the social elements of the web are going anywhere either, so this is an opportunity to focus on the social web, which is probably experience you can leverage in the future.   Getting to interact directly with clients doesn’t always happen at this experience level.

The location seems to be Yonge and Dundas, which is a good place to work — there’s a lot of good food around, and having the Eaton Centre at your feet has its perks.  It’s also relatively central and relatively convenient for anyone who’d consider working in the core to begin with.

The Bad
They’re not looking for a ton of experience, so they may be expecting to pay accordingly.  If you’ve got experience, you’d want to level-set before you get too far into the conversation. 

What’s Missing
What kind of social network work will you be doing, and for whom?  What’s the compensation?  Will you be working on a team?  What kind of process does Syncapse use, and what are some good examples of the kinds of work they’ve done before?  Are you likely to use some of the other mentioned technologies, or are those just mentioned in terms of applicable experience?  

Some of you are probably happy to see a development job with a lot of dynamic languages, some not.  But even those of you who love dynamic languages, your mileage may vary when it comes to PHP, which seems to be the focus. 

Although I’m near-certain that “social” isn’t going anywhere, Facebook feels like it’s waning to me, so your mileage may vary when it comes to a Facebook focus.

In Summary
This is most interesting for someone who’s a fan of dynamic languages and social networks, and not afraid of a little PHP.


7 Responses to Syncapse: Social Network Software Developer

  1. Matt says:

    1. Its not clear exactly how much experience the company is looking for. 4-6 minimum looks like an intermediate – senior.
    2. Only a nut would post details about what they would be building for whom. That would send up flags that someone specific is looking for something, and doesn’t help the company stave off competition. When I hire, I don’t say word one about company X or Y, and I goive few details about the project.
    3. Fair point on what else they have done. But remember that some of that stuff can be requested. You can’t post everything, and maybe they want to keep it under the radar. If I were to guess.

  2. It may be true that in this kind of agency environment, you can’t be too specific about what’s coming. There might even be confidentiality issues. Getting more of a sense for the kinds of applications they’ve built and the kinds of clients they have would be nice.

    Sure – it’s always true that much of “what is missing” can be learned, to one degree or another when you inquire. That’s one of the reasons to list it, so that someone who’s interested in learning more has a suggested list of some of the things they might want to inquire about in more detail.

    I’m not totally sold on the idea that job postings can’t be substantially more detailed than they are, though. Some do a better job than others, but most could use more detail, to my eye.

    It’s also true that this is subjective — some people feel that getting prospective employees to communicate with you by leaving details out is important to establish a hook, and deliberately leave out details with the hope of starting a dialogue earlier. I’m not fond of that perspective, but that’s certainly one theory.

  3. […] It looks from this posting like Syncapse might still be hiring.  They were looking for a Social Network Software Developer before, sounds pretty similar to me, so perhaps previous comments will help […]

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know for a fact that “Syncapse” is really just one person, Michael Scissons. He has an incredibly high opinion of himself but has pretty much no experience. Big ego plus little knowledge combine to become a person no sane person would want to work for.

    • Edward O'Malley says:

      Anonymous sounds like he couldn’t get the job he wanted at Syncapse. His basic arithmetic or observational skills are lacking if he cannot tell the difference between a company of 40 employees and a company with one employee.

  5. kurinchi says:

    Hey, It is a big company with a good infrastructure & interiors. Not a one man company as said in an earlier comment.

  6. Rajeev says:

    It’s not a one man show.

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