Camilion Solutions: Manager, Software Development

Camilion Solutions is looking for a Manager, Software Development:

The successful candidate will have proven ability to manage a development team in a fast-paced environment using agile development methodologies.  Additional responsibilities would be:


  • Oversee multiple projects under concurrent development by the team while managing risk and ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Track and report the status of projects on various teams, acting as a gateway throughwhich work should be assigned to appropriate teams while ensuring that project scope is adequately defined
  • Work closely with product managers to ensure development meets or exceeds customer requirements. This includes ensuring that product designs are well document and communicated.
  • Provide sound decision making for software engineering and product development, sensitive to the constraints and needs of the business
  • Monitor technology trends such as emerging standards for new technology opportunities



The Good
A senior role at a company that seems to be growing despite the downturn.  In addition to the awards (Branham 300, Deloitte Fast 50), they’re also going through a lot of hiring (and on monster).  If this job isn’t you, then you might consider System Analyst, Solution Architect, Technical Consultant, etc.  One can only hope that means that they’re on a track to do well even as others are stumbling. 

They claim to be employing agile methods, although there aren’t a lot of details, but if you’re an agilista, you can inquire further and decide if it’s a good fit.  It might, for instance, be a good opportunity to work with the company to further their use of agile.  The role description of a development manager seems reasonable for the most part, and doesn’t, for instance, imply that you’ll be coding 80% of the time.

The Bad
For a company that implies that it’s using agile methods, they use a few phrases that might be contra-indicative.  If agile methods are important to you, you’re probably going to want to talk to them to understand a little more about how they define scope and document product designs, to see if that conflicts at all with your personal take on agile, and understand what they’re suggesting by “crank”ing work out.  But, then, it’s always good to clarify broad categories like ‘agile’ with new companies.

What’s Missing
What’s the process like in more detail?   What’s the compensation?  How many project teams are you likely to manage, with how many people (on each, in total)?  What are your initial goals and success criteria? Is it really wise for Camilion to be expanding so aggressively right now, are they sure they’ve got the revenue to back that up, given what’s been happening?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in Markham, up at 407/404.  You might also not get up the morning excited by insurance software, although I’m sure it has its own challenges that might make it interesting in its own right.   Not everyone wants a role that’s as far removed from coding as it sounds like this one is; but then, many of those people aren’t looking for development manager positions.

In Summary
This is most interesting if you’ve got a background in Java, are looking to be a development manager, and think that doing insurance solutions in Markham is a reasonable way to spend your day.


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