Trapeze: Python/Django Developer

September 12, 2008

Trapeze Media is looking for a Python/Django Developer:

As far as I know, they’re still looking for a Director of Application Development as well, so if the company and work sounds interesting but you’re looking for a more senior role, then perhaps that’ll fit the bill.

The Good
Django just went 1.0, and has a pretty good reputation for people who like dynamic languages and are willing to look beyond Ruby on Rails.   There aren’t a lot of Python or Django jobs in Toronto, so if you’re excited by this, your choices are limited.

The Bad
There’s so little information here that it’s impossible to get much of an idea of why you might want this job, unless, in fact you’re anxious to work on Python/Django.   I can’t possibly recommend it on any other basis, but I know there are Python fans out there who’d be at least curious to learn more, so … here we are.

Trapeze is an agency, and not everyone likes the agency environment.  Their location is a little off the beaten path, at Esplanade and Sherbourne, which won’t work for everyone. 

In Summary
If you’re looking for Python/Django work in Toronto your options are pretty limited and you probably want to talk to Trapeze, but you’re going to need to ask them a lot of questions.