Rypple: Sr. Software QA Engineer

Rypple is looking for a Senior Software QA Engineer:

  • An integral member of the team that makes sure we release the best quality software. Period.
  • Work cross-functionally to define testing strategy. This is not an order-taker testing position. You will have ownership of the test/release processes at Rypple.
  • Build the necessary frameworks, infrastructure and tools to increase the speed of releases and consistently deliver high-quality software
  • Leading automated testing efforts
  • Developing tools to improve product quality and automate processes

The Good
Rypple is a Toronto startup with good funding, founders and funders with a solid track record, and they seem to have managed to get some marketplace traction.  The technologies they use seem pretty solid, and they make the right noises about process, near as I can see from the outside.  I’ve spoken to the founders in the past, and they seemed like good guys.  I don’t know any of their staff well enough to really comment, but at a distance, they seem like they’ve managed to hire a pretty good team.  Ultimately, it seems like a good place to work in a company that may well “go places.”

Things to Investigate / Ask
What’s their QA team look like now?  What’s the size and composition of the team that you’d be joining?  What kind of testing approaches and technologies are currently in place?  What’s the culture of developer testing like at Rypple?  What’s “competitive salary” mean, and what’s the rest of their compensation package like?

Are they profitable?  If not, what’s the burn rate like, and how long does their funding take them?  What’s the plan for profitability?  If they’re currently profitable, how long have they been so, and do they plan to stay that way, or to do more R&D than their profit can sustain?  These are pretty normal questions to ask a startup, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve talked to a couple people who interviewed there within the last couple of years, and they felt it was a pretty tough interview.  Depending on your view of things, that might be great (“Everyone I work with will have been carefully screened!”) or  bad (“I get nervous in interviews, and they’re going to exacerbate that!”).  I tend to like tough interviews, but your mileage may certainly vary.

Google Web Toolkit is a bit of a pain, from a testing perspective.  It’s very ajaxy, which not all testing tools are good at, and it’s not always amenable to JUnit testing of the internals.  That said, it also means that QA can be more important on a GWT project than some comparable technologies.  Just be prepared for the challenges inherent here.

It’s a startup, so their definition of ‘competitive salary’ may not be yours.  If you expect your mileage to vary here, don’t wait to long to clarify.

The Location
Yonge-and-Eglinton.  There are lots of shops and restaurants nearby, from Yonge to Eglinton, Bayview, Mount Pleasant.  It’s pretty accessible by subway, and not completely insane by car, although the traffic in the area tends to be sluggish, so TTC is probabliy the preference here.  If you live downtown, you might prefer a job downtown, but for most of us, Yonge and Eglinton is a totally reasonable location.

In Summary
If QA’s your thing, then Rypple’s probably a pretty good place to do it.  Do take the opportunity to learn a little more about how they’re doing QA right now, where they are in the startup phases and who you’d be working with.


One Response to Rypple: Sr. Software QA Engineer

  1. Duncan says:

    Hi Geoffrey,

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity. I wish I have read it 90 days ago :). It is amazing you spent your precious time to help other people to get the job. Keep it going.


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