AudienceView: Scrum Master

AudienceView is looking for a Scrum Master:

We are seeking an exceptionally talented Scrum Master who will provide effective collaboration, facilitation, leadership, and coaching skills supporting the development of our ticketing software application. You are someone with a software development and leadership background.
We need an individual that puts the team before themselves. You will be responsible for enforcing the rules of Scrum, removing impediments from their team while promoting self-management and constantly improving our standards of work.

  • Organize and facilitate project planning, daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, sprint and release planning, demos and other Scrum-related meetings
  • Track and communicate team velocity and sprint/release progress
  • Guide and support teams in ongoing adoption of agile principles and practices (e.g. ATDD, TDD, continuous integration)

AudienceView is also hiring for other roles, if you’d be a better fit for: Senior Software Developer, Intermediate Software Developer, Deployment Engineer, Business Analyst, QA Analyst, Technical Writer.

The Good
AudienceView is clearly doing well enough to be hiring in a lot of roles.  Ticketing is well-traveled, but I think still fairly ripe for disruption.  And it looks to me as if they’re pretty serious about being an Agile / Scrum business.  They’ve gotten far enough to integrate the language in with the job posting, which is more than a lot of companies.  They also seem to have leadership with strong industry expertise.

AudienceView also has a clean website; it doesn’t scream ticketing to me, but it’s clearly had some design, and it’s well above average.  It also looks like they’re at least somewhat aware of social media, with clearly-identified Facebook and Twitter.

The Bad
TicketMaster has done a bad job of retaining a solid public image.  I hope the leadership from TicketMaster won’t make the same mistake.

I’ve also seen a lot of companies that pay lip service to agile, but neuter it in all the ways that I deem important.  I don’t get that vibe from this posting, but it’s something that anyone serious about Agile would want to do more research on during the interviews.

What’s Missing?
There’s very little detail on their technology stack.  Their website talks about it being built on web technologies, but the only language mentioned in the posting is C++.  Their website implies they have a large set of products.  If that’s true, which ones will you be working with?  What’s the size and composition of the team?   The posting basically only talks about the industry they’re in, and the details of what a Scrum Master is likely to do (with which most qualified candidates would already be familiar).

The Location
They’re located at Adelaide and John, in the heart of the club district.  Reasonably close to the subway and Union station, accessible from two streetcar lines.  There’s lots to eat and do in the area.  Basically, it’s a pretty good area to work and play, and not so far off the main transit lines.  If you were coming in by car, it’s not a wonderful place to park, but that’s true of most of the downtown core.

In Summary
If you’re really into Agile and you want a company that takes Agile seriously, it’s probably worth talking to AudienceView in more detail, learning a little more about what they’re up to.


One Response to AudienceView: Scrum Master

  1. Just to provide some more context, I am assisting AudienceView with transitioning to Agile. We are still at early days in the transition. There are lots of challenges – flipside is skilled Agilists can make a big difference in this company.

    With regard to the technology stack, there is one product built in Visual C++ with COM and ASP for the web layer.

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