Qualcomm: Multimedia Systems Hardware Architect

Qualcomm is looking for a Multimedia Systems Hardware Architect:

The successful candidate will work in a multi-site team of hardware and software designers and architects defining next-generation Multimedia systems for world-class handheld solutions.  The Multimedia Hardware Architect is expected to perform the following tasks:

. Work closely with engineering and marketing teams to analyze and define detailed chip requirements
. Collaborate with HW teams to create, own and document re-usable micro-architectures for data-movement system infrastructure components
. Develop system multimedia candidate architectures to achieve optimal performance in areas including bus and memory architectures, processor subsystems, and power utilization.
. Perform analysis and simulation of Multimedia use-cases (video, camera, display, audio and graphics) and apply results to improve system performance
. Validate multimedia platform architecture via modeling and simulation

The Good
Rare work in Toronto.  Working in the interaction between mobile, hardware and media, definitely a growth area and an area that has a certain amount of interest to it.  Qualcomm is a supplier to a lot of significant mobile phone makers, so you might have an opportunity to be involved in some pretty interesting hardware discussions.   It’s also interesting that they’re looking for someone with good presentations skills, so the role is not only a technical one.

The Bad
The initial problem is that most of you probably don’t have the right background for this role.   The location may be a problem for some of you.  But fundamentally, if this is the work you’re interested in, I’m not sure there are going to be a lot of alternatives in the area, so there aren’t really that many bad points here.

What’s Missing?
Who would you be working with?  Are you going to be working across Qualcomm product lines, or for a specific product line, chipset, handset — and if so, what product?  What’s the compensation like?  What’s the location?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in Markham.  For some, it’s close to home, for others it’s impossibly far and out of the way.

The Location
Qualcomm has an office up by Buttonville Airport / Markham / 404 & Hwy 7, and it sounds like that’s the location for this job.  It’s a common spot for tech work, but if you’re not already in North Toronto or east of the city (e.g. Pickering) and used to commuting, it’s probably pretty far out of the way.

In Summary
As with the other Qualcomm job, if this is the work you’re interested in, then you’re probably already filing your resume in your head so that you can at least learn more about the opportunity.  If this isn’t the work you’re interested in and qualified for, then you’ve only read this far because, like me, you find it interesting in an academic sort of way.


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