Tucows: Sr. Ruby Engineer

Tucows is looking for a Sr. Ruby Engineer:

Work as part of a small Agile team (2-3 developers) to deliver and improve RoR/AJAX/DHTML/Javascript based systems and interfaces that help us meet our business objectives and support an excellent customer experience.

The Good
Tucows is a pretty well-known company, and you can get a glimpse into their finances (they seem to be doing well enough).  They imply they’re small enough that you can make an impact:

We’re a small team with a big mission. Come prepared to hit above your weight.
We believe in taking the time to do it properly while working in a real-time environment. Launch, learn and iterate is favored over taking too long to find the perfect answer.

There are also not a ton of Ruby jobs in this town, so if you’re really into Ruby, there’s no point in leaving stones unturned.

You can also get a little view into Tucows from reading Joey DeVilla’s blog (or go talk to him at one of the many events he attends in town).

What’s Missing?
A fair amount.  What exactly would you be working on?  What are tucows online retail services applications?  What are the other team members like, and what’s their experience with Ruby on Rails?  What’s the compensation like?  Is this at the 96 Mowat location?   What’s the office and work environment like?  What are the challenging problems you’d solve in Tucows retail services applications?  Is it likely that you’ll be proud describing retail services applications, as they suggest?  How do they empower the developers to be creative?

There’s a lot of information in the posting, but most of it just raises more questions for me.

My mileage would definitely vary with this location; that won’t be true for everyone.  It’s not bad if you can get on the gardiner or the lakeshore without too much effort, but there’ll still be days when traffic is evil, and there isn’t really free parking in the area.

The Location
Probably in the King/Dufferin area:

Parkdale has its moments, there’s some good food around, but if you’re not somewhere in the area already, it’s pretty far west for a TTC commute.

In Summary
If you’re interested in doing Ruby on Rails, it’s probably worth talking to Tucows about this position.   Otherwise, I’m not sure there’s enough of the right kind of information to really draw me in.


2 Responses to Tucows: Sr. Ruby Engineer

  1. Ross Rader says:

    Thanks for the review Greg.

    The position in question is working within Tucows retail division, http://hover.com. We’re a small team devoted to making sure that our customers have access to the best possible domain and email management tools. I don’t talk generally about the problems that we’re trying to solve because that’s half the battle in this business. I find most of the domain industry is trying to solve the wrong problems, and their customers are suffering as a result. We have a unique approach and I think it shows.

    Salary is a tricky thing. Everyone comes in with different skills and abilities and its important to me, to us, that we not only find a great fit based on what we’re looking for, but also to find great people that have more to offer than just meeting the checkboxes on the hiring list. For instance, in this case, I could easily see a situation where someone with great front-end and leadership skills, but no-so-hot Ruby skills might be a great fit. Whatever we end up paying would need to take this into account.

    Its also worth noting that the posting is just an opening line, it isn’t the final word. Anyone that looks at the job description as a binary proposition probably isn’t going to be a great fit here.

    As far as the geographic details go, this position is in Liberty Village, which has really grown up over the last few years. Lots of good food, grocery, fitness clubs, etc. Getting here is pretty straightforward as well. We’re at the corner of King and Dufferin, so the E-W and N-S routes are good, not too mention that we’re right off of the Martin Goodman trail and we’ve got great support for cyclists, etc. We’re about 15 minutes from Bloor West and 20 from the Beach – by bike, and we’ve got showers and lockers here onsite for any staff who are interested. Parking is also pretty good in the area. Lots of lots.

    If anyone has questions about the opening, please feel free to drop me a note @ ross@hover.com



  2. Ross Rader says:

    Geoffrey! Agh. I can’t believe I said “Greg”. Grr. Sorry about that.

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