On the Road Again…

As some of you have no doubt heard from Twitter, it looks like I’m back in the hunt for new contracts or employment; I’ve got a slight preference for contract work at the moment, but I’m not averse to employment.  I’m a software development generalist, and I like hands-on roles where I have a chance to make a real impact, so when I go for employment,  I tend to lean toward positions like technical lead, “architect”, and in small companies, even things like “development manager” and the like.  I’ve got a ton of Java experience, but I’ve dabbled and worked in a variety of others, so if you’re looking for someone to help you with Scala, Ruby, Python, Groovy, or something else entirely, I’d be happy to explain where my experience could help and where I might need some ramping-up.

Many of you are also looking for employment rather than potential employers, so I’ll leave this short; if you’re looking for someone and you think I might be a fit, get in touch and I’d be happy to talk about it in more detail.  If you’re a job-hunter with no jobs to offer (or at least, none that you think are worth taking), take heart, because being on the hunt means that despite my hectic schedule, I’m going to have to dedicate more time to looking at jobs and that means more traffic and content for you to absorb.

I hope this economy isn’t finding too many of you searching, but if it is, I  hope I can help some of you find the position you’re looking for.


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