Intelex: Manager of Product Design

Intelex is seeking a Manager of Product Design:

Intelex Technologies Inc.​ is a progressive Canadian software company providing innovative, web-based applications for Environment, Health & Safety and Quality management.​ Intelex currently has a need for a Manager of Product Design.​

The ideal candidate will: Have worked on numerous web-based software projects for Fortune 500 companies.​ Possess a good eye for system design and consistency.​ Be a good leader and have experience managing a team of Business Analysts.​ Have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to take charge of meetings and requirements gathering sessions.​

The Good
Intelex would have you believe they’re doing well, at least before the downturn. They’re in an unusual, and therefore potentially interesting field, “Environmental, Quality, Health and Safety.” They have a blog and an API, so they’re at least somewhat modern in terms of being a software company. They claim to take an agile approach. It’s a pretty senior role.

The Bad
Although the field is unusual, it’s probably an area that some might describe as boring. It’s the sort of thing where people’s eyes glaze over before you finish telling them what your company does, unless you’re an excellent salesperson yourself.

What’s Missing?
What’s a role like this pay, at Intelex? What’s the Product Design team you’d be managing — size and composition? What’s the development organization look like, and what’s the organizational structure from management to product to development look like?

I imagine this is fairly hands-off on the actual writing of code. A good thing for this kind of role, but not everyone’s cup of tea. The field is both unusual and industrial — could be interesting for some, boring for others.

The Location
Intelex seems to be at Adelaide and Charlotte. It’s a little far afield if you’re taking GO, and it’s a bit of a walk from the Subway, but it’s certainly walkable, and it’s in a nice area, what with the Charlotte Room, Dark Horse, and a pile of other places to eat and shop.

In Summary
A relatively senior role in what I’d probably call product management at a centrally located company in an unusual industry. Could be interesting, particularly if you’re already in product management.


3 Responses to Intelex: Manager of Product Design

  1. Mark Jaine says:

    Hello All,

    Thanks very much for the write up and posting Geoffrey. I just wanted to provide some additional detail. We are looking for someone to lead our design division as we build on our web based system for environmental, safety and quality management. Although the subject matter of the system may sound like a bit of a bore it is actually pretty exciting. We help corporations (check out a sample set of clients here manage their global operations and reduce their impact on the environment, safety of their employees and the quality of their products. Our systems are typically rolled out enterprise wide and affect all levels of the organization. A simple description of our systems is that they manage qualitative data and analytics (who’s doing what, where, when, how and how well) to improve organizational performance. Our clients range every industry and tend to be very forward looking people that have responsibility over a wide scope of an organization.

    With the Manager of Product Design we are seeking 1) an idea person, and 2) someone who can manage a growing team of idea people. Without disclosing too much information, we are currently investing heavily in R&D and are developing a .net platform that will be amazing. We are building this platform from the ground up using the ‘bleeding edge’ of web technologies. We’re seeking someone who has exceptional user interface design skills and an excellent understanding of business logic so that they can help us create the most cutting edge web system available in our field.

    Our company has been growing quite rapidly. We were founded in 1992 and released our current web based platform in 1999. We are an entirely privately held company with no external investment or debt. All of our growth has been organic and we operate with a strong profit margin. We’ve grown revenues by over 40% each of the last 5 years and we forecast the same growth through 2009. We have over 80 employees and are currently seeking another 15 for immediate hire.

    We are a technology company and the majority of our staff is young, ambitious, energetic and technical. With this position we are definitely looking for experience, but more importantly someone who has vision and talent for system design.

    We have tons of company perks, including the obvious ones (full health and dental benefits, comp packages, etc.) but also some less common ones as well. We provide all staff with budgets for any personal exercise/fitness programs they choose as well as tuition budgets for any external learning and education courses they take (whether or not they are work related). We care very much about our employees and their life/work balance. We also provide benefits such as birthdays off with pay, half day Fridays before long weekends, bagel/fruit/donut breakfast Thursdays as well as several annual company events that are fully catered (with drinks too). We even pay 75% of the cost of everything in the vending machines on site. :-). We’ve won the Environmental Employer of the Year with Eco Canada as well.
    Oh, and if you’re ever in the area on a weekday evening, particularly Friday night, you’re likely to find 5 to 25 Intelexians at either the Charlotte Room or Alice Fazoolies enjoying a drink after a hard day’s work. Intelex is an easy place to make friends and the level of camaraderie is quite high.

    So, please apply to our website or send your resume to if you’re interested in the position. We’d be very interested in hearing from you.

    Thanks again for the posting Geoffrey, we appreciate the attention!

    Best Regards,
    Mark Jaine
    President & CEO
    Intelex Technologies Inc.

    P.S. We are also looking for several sales people, web developers, project consultants, client services representatives, quality assurance representatives, help desk representatives and report builders too. Please check out the job postings on or on our website at

  2. Ex-Employee says:

    Btw, the manager of product deisgn was hired and got fired withing a couple of months… guess what he did not kiss ass and stood up for what was right … lol …

  3. Another Ex-Employee says:

    Intelex Technologies, ok here goes…

    I worked there for 2 years or so, the work they do is not boring it is interesting for sure. They live in the myth they are agile: BY NO MEANS…. I was involvbed in the SDLC from start to finish … all it is, is waterfall they would not know “A” of the agile. they dont like anyone with ideas, becuase theirs is the best so that fact that the CEO mentioned we want an idea person, please dont be fooled, the Product design manager they hired was a an idea person and guess what he got fired withing 2-3 months.

    Benefits suck…. Software company means you are staring at the comp for 8 hrs a day and no eye coverage + you pay 30% of the premium from your salary.

    Work day is a full 8 hours … excluding lunch so if you want lunch be there for 8.5 hrs at minimum and upto 10 normally without recognition, overtime or even a thanks for that matter.

    Leave 20 mins early one day get called into the VP’s office. Let the management know & Leave half hour early time is taken off from your vacation time. I am serious.

    What else doed the CEO mention: half day on fridays for long weekend, mmm kinda but not really i mean if you consider 2 pm as half day for sure and mind you NO lunch on half days. 75% subsidy on vending machine that is true. Thursday Breakfast: Yes

    Birthdays off: True but if you want a vacation day around it: Forget about it, will not happen.

    The budgets only kick in after 12 months of your employement their, trust me you will not last more than 14 so ….

    well …. thats that .. all the best to the new product design manager if they hire one. 🙂

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