Questions to Ask Recruiters

Often, I find advice in the job-hunting space to be pretty useless – either a thinly veiled pitch (e.g. use our resume-writing system) or contradictory (make your resume stand out! keep your resume simple and in a standard format! don’t bother with references! always use references!).  The articles that Higher Bracket publishes are often in these categories for me.

That said, this list of questions to ask recruiters is a good one, I think, so I’m passing it on.


3 Responses to Questions to Ask Recruiters

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  2. Jouni says:

    Great list of questions.

    I find also that simply lobbing over some targeted and mildly challenging questions about the company or role gives you a good sniff test of the recruiter’s experience and knowledge. You can ask yourself in that moment if you think its worth investing your time with this party and having them represent you.

    This manager tools podcast on managing “headhunters” is also recommended.

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