Morbid Curiosity: “XML Manager”?

I’m a little baffled by this posting for an ‘XML Manager‘.  Well, I feel like I should be baffled, but unfortunately, it just seems like another symptom of the pervasive technical recruiter disease.  A posting created by someone who doesn’t really understand the industry.  But, hey, if I’m wrong, and you’re an XML manager who feels like I’m slighting your chosen career space, do feel free to comment.


2 Responses to Morbid Curiosity: “XML Manager”?

  1. Talesh says:

    The Insurance industry is notoriously complex, so my guess is if this genuine, then probably their DTD’s are unforgiving creations that require levels of corporate hierarchy to maintain them.

  2. Jouni says:

    I agree with the previous poster.

    I can imagine a conversation happening somewhere. “These DTDs and schemas are out of control! It’s a real full-time job. We need to have an .. XML Manager! Call HR.”

    Here’s another head-scratcher I just came across:
    “Vice President, Business Architect and Developer”
    How’s that for a “all in one” role?

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