Sun Life Financial: Director, IT Security & Governance Development

Sun Life Financial is looking for a Director, IT Security & Governance:

The Director – IT & Security Governance Development serves as Enterprise Information Security’s key “ambassador” to the Business Groups, building effective relationships that promote key security initiatives and market the business benefits of security to SLF Business Groups worldwide.  The incumbent is responsible for managing Senior IT & Security Governance Specialists developing security governance documents to enable effective IT & security governance, risk management and regulatory compliance from within Sun Life Financial.  This position manages the development of enterprise-wide policies, standards and procedures and the compliance framework for IT & security, based on ITIL, ISO 17799, ISF, COBIT, CICA and other existing and emerging frameworks and existing or emerging regulatory requirements.

The Good
It sounds like a pretty senior role at a big company with a $10B market capitalization.  Their profits are down significantly in the last quarter, but, then, this hasn’t been a good quarter for companies in finance, which includes insurers, so it’s not exactly shocking.  The fact that they may be in talks to purchase another life insurance unit seems to imply they’re doing less badly than some.  This is also a sector (governance and security) that has been growing in IT in recent years, and will probably continue to.  It’s also a sector near and dear to the hearts of organizations and CIOs, so it may be a good long-term career move.

The Bad
This isn’t a great time for companies in the financial sector.  There’s a risk you could join only to be cut.  On the other hand, with challenges tends to come opportunity, so this might end up being a great time to be on Sun Life.

Not only is this not likely to be a very hands-on role, it’s deep in a sector of IT that many technologists do their best to avoid.  The candidate who takes this position will presumably spend more time with standards and government regulations than they will with technology itself. You’re going to be neck-deep in ITIL, ISO, ISF, CICA, COBIT,COSO, OSFI, FSA, SEC, NASD, NAIC, SarbOx, PIPEDA, GLBA, HIPAA, EUDPD UK IDPA, ISACA, IIA, AICPA, CPAB, PCAOB, and any number of other acronyms the whole time you’re in this job.

Lots of people won’t have the experience and/or the credentials to pull off this role. I certainly don’t.  Then again, if you’ve got this background, you can take comfort in the fact that you won’t have as much competition.

What’s Missing?
What’s the compensation for an IT Director at Sun Life?  Where will you be working?  How much will you be traveling?  Where will you fit in the organizational structure?  What are the challenges facing you in this role in the near term?

Your mileage may vary at this sector of IT; I’m not sure I’d enjoy it, but if most of those acronyms are already familiar to you, then chances are, this is something you might feel good about.

In Summary
A very senior position at a big company; mostly, if you’ve got the background for this sort of job, you’re probably also somewhat interested.


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