Greenpeace: Social Media Specialist

Greenpeace is looking for a Social Media Specialist:


If you’re well connected in Canada’s digital social networks, and very concerned about Canada’s inaction on climate change, then this is the job for you.

Greenpeace Canada is seeking an enthusiastic, savvy, social media specialist to push the KYOTOplus climate campaign. This campaign calls for the Canadian government to take real action on climate change and to play a positive role at the next critical climate meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Your primary goal will be to encourage Canadians to actively engage in the KYOTOplus climate campaign. Using blogging and social networking sites you will encourage individuals and groups to get petitions signed, send letters to Members of Parliament and raise funds to support the campaign.

You will work closely with the Marketing Coordinator, Volunteer Organizers, and other key Greenpeace staff working on the KYOTOplus campaign.


The Good
If the environment is something you’re passionate about, and you believe in the approach that Greenpeace takes, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get as directly involved as this would allow.  This is interesting as a way to be directly involved with Greenpeace and its use of social media.

The Bad
You probably wouldn’t do this if it weren’t something you were passionate about.  It’s a part-time role at a rate that isn’t going to pay that many bills, at least not in Toronto.  If you were somewhere where you could keep your costs of living down, or able to do this in your spare time, it might be more attractive from a compensation point of view.  Then again, it depends where you’re coming from.  This might be a fine job for a student who might not have as many other opportunities for well-paid jobs anyway.  Sure beats working at the local fast-food joint.

Even amongst environmentalists, your mileage may vary when it comes to the Greenpeace approach.  

In Summary
This isn’t the first time I’ve written up a social media job.  I guess it’s time to admit it — although these aren’t purely technical jobs, and they’re not the sorts of jobs I’d be likely to take, I find them interesting, as an emerging area where someone with interest in using technology if perhaps not directly producing it can get involved in a cause with which they’re interested, like Greenpeace.  This kind of social-media activism is an interesting area, I think.


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