CareerDoor Career Fair on 04-Mar-2008

CareerDoor is having another Career Fair tomorrow.

Generally, I’d say that these avenues tend to be ones of last resort.  I’ve talked to a few people who’ve been to these events, and they had mixed emotions.  They’re a reasonable way to see a lot of companies quickly, but that most of the jobs aren’t likely to be your top choice, assuming you have options.  If you’re resourceful, and you’ve already got some options, or if you’re not in desparate need of a new job, then I’d say you’re probably better off finding interesting jobs on your own (or with my help, of course).

That said, if you’re in need of a job now, or soon, and you’re looking to cover a lot of ground quickly, there’s certainly no harm in trying this kind of event.  It gives you a chance to meet with people who might not even bother to respond go your resume, for instance.


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