Polar Mobile Really Really Wants Software Developers

Polar, or someone working on their behalf, is putting out feelers left right and centre. I don’t know how they deal with the volume of leads this would presumably generate:


They are apparently looking to grow significantly during the year, but the sheer volume of posts leading back to the same spot is pretty draining if you’re reading a wide array of feeds.  Historically, I’ve viewed this kind of search behavior as a bad sign.


6 Responses to Polar Mobile Really Really Wants Software Developers

  1. Why do you see this as a bad sign? I’m not judging…just curious.

  2. I was pondering that myself as I was leaving the comment, actually.

    I think I’ve often seen this for jobs that didn’t look like real jobs, or for companies about which I’m suspicious — I don’t think either is true in this case.

    Also, I’m just not convinced this is a valuable strategy — you’d be better off to hit a couple sources at a time, and see what works rather than saturate the airwaves and have to sort the noise from the signal.

    Anyway — I’m not trying to suggest that there’s a problem with this particular opportunity. As far as I’ve seen, Polar just wants to get some good people on board quickly. I’m just not sure I’d recommend this approach in general.

  3. Hmmm. Sounds like a blog post. Or I’ll yoink! it and turn it into a Red Question for Canary.

  4. carl weller says:

    I am a rubyist. I’ve dabbled in python as well. I am currently working, yet keep my ear to the ground.

    I get a lot of calls from Good Recruiters and bad. When I get calls from all sides about the same shop hiring from 1000 different companies, then see how many posts online there are I get worried.

    A good company works with one, maybe two vendors very closely. If they are shopping and spreading the net this big it seems like a chop shop. Not to mention I know they are paying 55K salaries and wanting 85-90K types.

    Red Flags!

  5. My feeling is with Polar Mobile, they’re in their last gasp..one final push, and if it doesn’t work, they’ll fold.

  6. You think? It seems like their sales announcements have been pretty strong, and their costs don’t seem incredibly high. I mean, I don’t know the internal details, but they seem like they’re in a relatively good place to me.

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