Wirecard Solutions: Software Performance Test Analyst

Wirecard Solutions is looking for a software performance test analyst on contract (wirecard solutions, craigslist, monster):

Our client, a financial services software company, is looking for a Performance Test Analyst to work on a contract basis with a speciality using JMeter.

As a member of the Quality Assurance Team, you would be primarily responsible for the design and development of scripts used to test non functional requirements using JMeter / SOAP UI.

Develop test scripts for complex test scenarios
Create, analyze and assess scripts for various types of applications
Develop and execute regression, performance tests
Ensure issues are properly tracked throughout the software lifecycle
Create reports on the quality of the applications with quantitative statistics
Participate in architecture, design and assessment of various testing tools
Provide expertise and knowledge sharing within the QA team
Advise on configuration and maintenance of testing tools

The Good
Although I don’t often find QA roles terribly exciting myself, I think that performance testing is a fairly interesting area of ‘testing’, particularly if the company’s doing a good job.  A good performance tester is part developer, part tester, part system administrator, and can apply all of those skills in addition to performance-testing knowledge to analyzing the performance of an application and making suggestions on how to improve that.

Both JMeter and SoapUI are decent tools; both have their warts, but they’re reasonable choices for a company looking to do some performance and functional testing without spending tens of thousands of dollars on the expensive tooling.

The field of ePayments is probably through its initial explosive growth curve by now, but it’s still pretty central to the current way of business, so it’s likely to be a good area in which to have experience.

The Bad
There’s just not a lot of information here, other than the tools you’d be using, and the field.  It’s hard to tell if you’d like the job.

What’s Missing?
What would you be working on?  What’s the team you’d be part of?  What’s the size and composition?  What will you be performance-testing, and what kind of performance goals will you be aiming for?  Is this new work, or an existing system?  Is the location at the head office?  Is the development team there?

The Location
Wirecard Solutions seems to be up at Yonge and Eglinton (east of Yonge).  I’m assuming that’s where the job would be.

That works well enough if you’re in mid-town or up-town, particularly near the Yonge line.  It’s probably not that bad if you’re on the Subway system and you’re not way out on the end of one of the other lines.  It’s not great if you’re typically driving to work.  There are lots of shops and restaurants in the area.

In Summary
If you’re interested in a performance-testing role, there aren’t that many of these advertised, so it might be worth further investigation.


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