Unspecified: Project Development Team Lead

An unspecified company is looking for a project development team lead:

Reporting to the Development Manager of Customer Solutions (DMCS), the Project Development Team Lead will own and ensure on time delivery of the development portion of the projects. Project Development Team Lead will own and ensure tight working relationship with the business owner, QA team lead and project manager (PM) of the project towards the full successful completion. Project Development Team Lead will act as a business partner in all aspects of the project delivery. Project Development Team Lead will work very closely with Customer Solutions Architects, other Project Development Team Leads and QA Team Leads to leverage the technology platform to produce the right technical solution in order to support our business initiatives. 

  • Comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the online system internals along with the key interfaces 
  • Responsible for communication with online business regarding project and deliverables 
  • Responsible for development tasks assignment to the development team 
  • Responsible for tracking and providing weekly status updates to PM and DMCS 
  • Ownership of the development deliverables of the project 
  • Collaborate with architects and other project team leads on the features design and implementation 
  • Responsible for reviewing code standards adherence and level of in-line documentation 
  • Responsible for code reviews and providing written sign off to DMCS 
  • Responsible for unit testing execution validation and providing written sign off to DMCS 
  • Share responsibility with QA team for performance testing execution validation and providing written sign off to DMCS 
  • Responsible for profiler execution validation and providing written sign off to DMCS 
  • Responsible for maximizing the maintainability and extensibility of the solution 
  • Responsible for project solution production performance 
  • Responsible for the continued strengthening of the technical skills of the development team – coaching and mentoring, including reporting progress to DMCS 

This sounds like what is commonly called a ‘Technical Lead’ in the toronto market.  And, although the customer isn’t specified, some of the unique terms in the posting seems to point directly to Diebold.

The Good
It looks to be a moderately senior position with a fair amount of responsibilities.  It also sounds like they take some of those responsibilities fairly seriously, which is probably a good thing.  There’s also a mention of kiosks, which is a relatively rare area these days, and possibly interesting in its own right.

Well, Diebold, if it is Diebold, is a well-known company with their hands in a lot of relatively unique areas, from ATMs to Voting machines.  With a 1.6B market cap, and a stock price that could be doing worse, they seem like they’re at least moderately stable, although it looks like Diebold believes they may be in for some rough results in quarters to come.

The Bad
There’s no explicit mention of process, but there’s a lot of written sign-off.  Perhaps given the industries that Diebold is in, there may be a need for a very formal process compared to what some of you are used to.  This has a tendency to slow things down quite a bit, although there are industries where it seems to be a necessary evil.

What’s Missing
Is this Diebold or someone else?  What’s the project they need a team lead for?  What would you be working on, and what are the size and composition of the team(s) you’d be leading?  What are the technologies in use in this project?  Is it a new project or an existing one?  What’s the compensation like?  Where would you be working?  What’s the process they follow to develop software?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in this kind of a process environment.  Based on the the wording of some of the responsibiltiies, I suspect the process might drive me a little ’round the bend.  Then again, some people really like a very structured process, and sometimes that comes hand in hand with an organization that is ready and willing to allocate the kind of time required to do, for instance, good performance testing. 

The Location
We don’t even know the company, and certainly not the location.  That said, if it really is Diebold, their Canadian head office seems to be in Mississauga.

In Summary
If you’re a technical lead, or want to be, might be worth digging a little to find outo what’s up.  Unfortunately, without a list of technologies, a company or a location, it seems hard to get a real fix on this.


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