Red Hat: JBoss AS Integration Developer

Red Hat is apparently looking for an Integration Developer for the JBoss Application Server:

JBoss Application Server is a certified platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, web applications, and portals. As one of the integration / core developers on the JBoss Application Server Team, you will be responsible for the development, integration, support, and maintenance of the Application Server and the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

You will play an active role in the open source community surrounding JBoss Application Server and will also collaborate with the developers of other JBoss projects and open source communities [for integrationpurposes].

The Good
Red Hat is pretty well-known in the open-source world, and their JBoss application server, is also pretty well-known in the Java open-source community.   As a result, it’s a rare opportunity to work in paid-for open-source Java.  It’s probably interesting work as well, although it’s hard to know what you’d be likely to work on within the JBoss AS.

The Bad
The form is pretty ugly, like it’s been configured badly.  “Contact comments” is a required field, for instance.  I was curious to learn a little more, so I submitted an application, even though I’m probably tied up during the timeframe they’d want to hire.  I got CGI errors while registering, while submitting an application, and while just trying to view the job on occasion.  Their HR Smart application is obviously in distress, although perhaps it’ll be fixed when you try and look at it.

What’s Missing?
What areas of JBoss AS would you likely be working on?  Where’s the meaning of “integration”, as mentioned in the position title?  Where would you be working, at home?  At yonge and eglinton?  Why are they looking in Toronto specifically, are there client-facing obligations?  What are the travel requirements likely to be?  What’s the compensation like?  Why GWT instead of, for instance, JBoss Seam?  

Your mileage  may vary on working for a company that can’t get its recruiting site to work.  Some also feel that JBoss, before and after the Red Hat acquisition has … well … let’s just say a particular mindset that not everyone likes.  Then again, I’ve heard some positive things about JBoss from the JBoss Rules guys, so it’s really up to you.

In Summary
Frankly, if you’d like to work in Java and open source, there aren’t a lot of publically posted positions out there, so I’d snap this up.  Sounds like it could be an interesting position, particularly if you’re able to apply for it.  If you’ve got a Java background and you’re interested, perhaps you could dig up a contact at Red Hat who can help you get connected.


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