Seven Years JSF Experience

I’m always amused when job postings ask for more years experience in a technology than is really feasible.  For instance, if you ask for seven years experience in JSF, the specification for which was basically released around the beginnning of 2004, you’re probably guaranteeing that anyone who applies has decided to ignore your requirements — because your requirements cannot be met.


2 Responses to Seven Years JSF Experience

  1. Ryan says:

    Too funny. My opinions on JSF aside (ahem)… I’ve always thought “N years experience” requirements were nonsense anyways; the question should be how deep someone’s ability to work with a tool is, and that is likely not measurable in “years experience.”

  2. Yes, it’s true — I don’t pay a lot of attention to the specifics in that regard. If someone wants “eight” and I have three, but I know the technology quite well, I wouldn’t hesitate to apply — most of the time they are just trying to convey depth of experience in a somewhat silly way.

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