Royal Bank: Sr. Technical Analyst – Enterprise Application & Dependency Mapping

RBC is looking for a Sr. Technical Analyst – Enterprise & Dependency Mapping:

This position will be joining the recently created Application & Dependency Mapping team. Application & Dependency Mapping is a leading edge solution that automates the ability to discover and maintain the relationships between complex applications and their supporting infrastructure components, known as application interdependency mapping. This type of technology can be used for numerous things: improving Disaster Recovery Plans, incident management, change management, configuration management and many others.

– 5 yrs previous technical work/industry experience
– Having experience with this type of solution would be a benefit, however not a requirement as this is a leading edge solution.
– Programming and scripting skills are a requirement; the solution uses Java/Jython/Python.
– In depth knowledge of Windows and Unix computing technologies.
– In depth knowledge of networking technologies.
– Understanding of database architecture.
– SQL knowledge and user skills.
– Good understanding of the different layers of the OSI model.
– Working knowledge of middleware technologies
– Beneficial to have working knowledge of host computing technologies.
– Experience working with vendors and vendor support

The Good
This is a pretty novel area to me – definitely the sort of thing that would mostly be applicable to large enterprises, but possibly the sort of thing where developing expertise in this area will help you out by having skills in a relatively rare area that you can parlay into some kind of consulting in the future.  It might also just be interesting.

It’s also for the Royal Bank, which would normally be a good sign from a stability perspective, although lately Banks haven’t seemed like the best place to be.

And, finally, doing Python, even Jython, in the enterprise is rare enough that some of you are likely to be interested for that reason alone.

The Bad
The banks in Toronto typically don’t pay very well.  And with this position looking for five years of experience, I’d guess that they might be offering something like $60k, which is not enough, particularly to work in a banking environment.  That said, if you’re on the hunt and this sounds interesting, there’s no harm in inquiring, other than possibly wasting your time.  This is probably more appealing if you’ve only got the five years experience they’re looking for.

What’s Missing?
What’s the compensation like on this team?  Where will the job be located?  And, since this is likely to be a new area for many of you, knowing more about the job, what you’d be doing, what the team you’d be on is like and so forth could be valuable.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working for/in a big canadian bank.  On the upside, you might be able to keep banker’s hours.  On the downside, you’re likely to have a lot of process and comparatively low pay.

In Summary
Working on Jython/Python to map enterprise applications and their dependencies for a big canadian bank – interesting technology, but possibly sub-standard pay.  Probably mostly interesting to people with the near-minimum required level of experience.


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