Google: Enterprise Apps Sales Engineer

Google is looking for an Enterprise Apps Sales Engineer:

The Enterprise team focuses on integrating Google’s products and services into small and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. Consisting of high-achieving engineering, sales and marketing professionals, we work with a vast array of partners and customers to advance the company’s mission of organizing the world’s information to make it universally accessible and useful.

As an Enterprise Apps Sales Engineer you will posses excellent technical, communication and organizational skills while working closely with our Enterprise sales team. You will collaborate with sales representatives on the team to engage with prospects in understanding and assessing customer requirements, preparing and presenting demonstrations of Google products and addressing technical questions that arise throughout the sales process. You will demonstrate the ability to persuasively present Google’s product offering and be comfortable working closely with our product, support, engineering, and sales teams.

The Good
It’s Google.

No, seriously, it’s Google.  That alone is probably enough for some of you to be at least moderately interested.  They’re a pretty big company, and they’ve been doing pretty well, so it’s probably a reasonably stable job in a downturn.  They’ve got lots of interesting benefits, but I don’t have any sense how many of those would apply to a Toronto employee, so I’m not going to bother itemizing them.

The Bad
While Google’s an interesting employer, I think for some the bloom is off the rose a little as of late.  If you’ve followed the “why do people quit Google” thread, one of the reasons you’ll see is that when you’re not in Mountain View, it’s like you don’t exist.  I’m sure that’s doubly true in a sales engineer role in Toronto.  It won’t be the same experience as it would be if you were a developer on the search engine or the gmail team, I’m sure.

It’s also true that Google has a notoriously long hiring process, although I’m not sure if that would be true for a sales engineer position in Toronto.  If it is, you might want to seriously consider taking a short-term contract while you iron out things with Google — you might be able to squeeze in two or three.

What’s Missing?
What’s the compensation?  Are there any fun Googley benefits, like free food, 20% time?  Where will you be when you’re not traveling?  What’s the travel breakdown like — large chunks of time in the same place, or flitting here and there several times a week?

Sales engineer isn’t a pure tech job; your mileage may vary when it comes to the kind of customer interaction you’ll need to be successful in this kind of role.

Your mileage may also vary when it comes to 50% – 75% travel, which is definitely more than I can stomach.

The Location
Well, since you’ll be traveling quite a bit, the location may not matter so much.  When you’re not traveling, perhaps you’ll be in the downtown Toronto office (Toronto Life building, across from Dundas square)?  Hard to say.

In Summary
If working for Google isn’t already something you’re interested in, this is probably just another sales engineer job.  That said, I know there are those among you itching to work for Google and willing to do a little traveling, and this is one of the few chances I’ve seen in Toronto for something that isn’t just a pure sales role.


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  1. Jouni says:

    something anyone considering this may want to evaluate (and come to own conclusions on) – testimonials of google employees

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