Frameworks: Java Developer

Frameworks is looking for a Java Developer, although whether that’s an “intermediate developer” or a “guru” seems to be open to further debate.  Either way:

Frameworks is a leading provider of technology solutions in the retail industry. We have nearly two decades of experience working with some of the world’s leading retailers to optimize their business processes and accelerate learning within their organization. Currently, our core technologies and fail-safe infrastructure deliver online training to over 100,000 users in over 3,500 locations. We’re developing a next generation retail store performance management system leveraging Java, Ajax, web services, and Flash.

Frameworks is looking for a full-time Java Developer to join our growing team [who will be] responsible for developing, unit testing, and deploying a number of J2EE based retail products and sub-systems for a large North American retailer.

As a pivotal member of our development team, the successful applicant will be participating in all areas of software development including technical analysis, architecture, prototyping, development, integration and system documentation. He or she will be working with an application architect, a business analyst and client representatives.

They’re looking for someone with experience in Eclipse, Ant, Spring, Hibernate, Spring WS, Spring MVC, Ajax, Castor, Struts, SQL Server.

The Good
For the most part, it seems like a reasonable technology stack (although your mileage may vary on a few items).  It sounds like the company has a popular product with a significant user-base.   If they’re just starting their next-generation system, then you might have a chance to play a significant role.

The Bad
First and foremost, the fact that there’s a posting (recruiter?) asking for a Guru even though the company in question seems to want to hire an intermediate is either misleading or outright confusing.  Have things changed, and one posting reflects reality while the other’s out of date?  Is the recruiter bumping up expectations even though the company only wants an intermediate developer?  That sounds like a losing strategy.

What’s Missing?
It’d be good to understand a little more about the technology stack, in particular why they’re looking for both Spring MVC and Struts.  Once you understand what they’re trying to hire, perhaps having an understanding of the compensation would be useful, although I’d want to understand the intermediate/guru issue first.  Which retailer would you be focused on, and why does this one retailer need so much attention?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to some of the  listed technologies:

  • Spring-WS is pretty decent, but it’s a SOAP stack.
  • I haven’t heard much about Castor recently; seems like it’s been left behind.

The Location
They’re located at King and Dufferin, which is, frankly, just too far west for many of you.  If you’re commuting by car, and the QEW/427/Gardiner area is plausible, it’s not so bad.  If you’re already in Parkdale, or somewhere in the west end, it’s not totally out of range, but for someone like me coming from near the Beaches, it would be a pretty ugly commute unless I drove.  Go train plus TTC would also be pretty ugly.  There is decent food in Parkdale, although it’s not quite the hotbed that some more central locations are.

In Summary
If you’re willing to take a job at King and Dufferin and you’ve got Java experience, then I suggest you talk to them to get a better sense for what they’re really looking for in terms of experience — and then you can report back.


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