Yelp: Community Manager

Yelp is looking for a Community Manager for Toronto:

As the Yelp Community Manager, you’ll be a full-time Yelp employee doing whatever it takes to grow the community of active yelpers as the Yelp “Mayor” in your city. Working out of your home and anywhere with WiFi, you’ll lead Yelp’s success in your city, and will be an integral member of a team of all-stars in the field receiving direction and support from Yelp Headquarters in San Francisco.

I’ve considered posting this a few times; I don’t think it’s in the sweet spot of the postings that are most interesting to me, but it’s unusual enough to be worth a look-see. 

The Good
Yelp is a relatively well-known startup doing local community/reviews, somewhat like a combination between the services offered by GigPark,, Martini Boys, and lots of other such sites.  Mostly, it’s just an unusual and interesting job, something I don’t see a lot of, so interesting on that basis alone.

The Bad
It’s not really a tech job.  It’s a job for a web 2.0 company, but the work isn’t innately technical.  Although that’s certainly appealing for some, I imagine that most of you reading “Toronto Technology Jobs” are actually looking for a job doing something technical.  On the upside, many of you might know someone who’s partially technical who’d enjoy this, and, frankly, it’s just an unusual and interesting job.

What’s Missing
Well, first of all, there’s no sense at all of the compensation.  They’re hoping to find people with professional experience, so I’m assuming they’ll pay a little better than “just graduated” pay, but beyond that, I haven’t the faintest what to expect in terms of compensation.  For that matter, they’re not even clear as to whether or not this is a full-time gig, or just something to while away a few hours a week.  If it is a full-time position, then some expectations about how you’ll be splitting your time amongst the various tasks might be helpful.

This isn’t really a tech job.  It’s a job for a tech company, but it’s a job whose focus is on writing, networking, event planning, and getting the word out, rather than doing something innately technical. 

The Location
I’m assuming that Yelp doesn’t have enough people in town to justify office space, so you’ll be presumably working wherever you like, as long as it has internet access and doesn’t cost Yelp anything.  Home, the local park with mobile internet, the local coffee shop, whatever works for you.

In Summary
If you’re looking for a social media job that’s really more about writing and event planning than it is technology, or you’re willing to consider that sort of thing, give Yelp a shout.


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