Polar Mobile: Software Developer

Polar mobile is looking for a Software developer:

Polar Mobile is looking for an experienced Software Developer to help architect and extend Polar’s distributed mobile content-delivery, advertising, and analytics platform.

The successful candidate is excited to build web services that enable next-generation content delivery on mobile devices, and thrives on the challenge of overcoming the performance and scalability barriers involved in running cloud-based services for millions of mobile subscribers.

The Good
Polar seems to be an interesting technology niche, combining the mobile platform with cloud-based distributed computing models (using Amazon Web Services).  They also seem to have been moderately successful, based on the number and nature of sites that are powered by Polar.

The Bad
Based on the fact that polar mentions intern positions, entrepreneurial nature, and “young” professionals, it may be true that they’re looking to compensate like a startup — moderate wages with the potential for some kind of equity deal, or at least the promise of interesting work.  That said, until you talk to them, there’s probably no point in making too many up-front assumptions about their compensation.  They’re also only looking for 2+ years experience, another sign that they may not be willing to pay for a really experienced developer. 

What’s Missing?
Some sense of compensation.  A confirmation about the location of the job.   More details about their technology platform – distributed Python on AWS?  Client-side applications?  What are the challenges facing Polar?   What’s the size of the company and team?  How do they manage their cloud-based servers?

Although the combination of mobile and cloud is interesting from a technology perspective,  I’m less sure that their business model will thrive in the long term, simply because both the content publishers and the carriers and platform providers will increasingly encroach on their business model.  Those companies are going to see mobile content delivery as a key element in their technology platform, and may want to take it in-house.   Your mileage may vary.  Then again, perhaps Polar will have diversified sufficiently by the time the market catches up.

The Location
Near as I can tell, they’re located at front and university, well-positioned for Go Transit, Via Rail, and Subway access. There are a reasonable number of shopping and restaurant options around.

In Summary
The combination of distributed/cloud-based and mobile technology sounds like it could be an interesting one, and Polar is well-located.  It might be worth inquiring further to find out how much they’re willing to offer.


6 Responses to Polar Mobile: Software Developer

  1. Some paraphrased commentary from a reader implies that Polar is mostly some UW grads, including the founder of Impact:

    “When I talked to them, it was six young dudes shooting from the hip with a huge network of potential customers. I think the first contract they worked on was for Forbes or something like this.”

    “At the time, the salary offered was pretty low, with the idea you might get options or something down the road.”

    “I doubt you’ll find one single implementation language being used across all of their stuff, simply because they were doing a lot of client-side mobile development as well, which necessitates being flexible”

  2. This looks like the Polar mobile job again, with salary expectations listed.

  3. pete proust says:

    Salary looks low.

  4. On the recruiter posting? Definitely. Dunno if that’s what they’re offering in person.

  5. […] Mobile Really Really Wants Software Developers Polar, or someone working on their behalf, is putting out feelers left right and centre. I don’t […]

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