Cineplex: Manager, Software Development & Integration

Cineplex is looking for a Manager, Software Development & Integration:

The Information Technology department has an immediate opening for the position of Manager, Software Development and Integration, reporting directly to the Vice President, Software Solutions.

Your mission is to manage a team of software developers to success, in designing and building software solutions for our company that exceed user expectations and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line.

Software Solutions is a group within Cineplex’s I.T. department.  We are a small and efficient group composed of a Business Analysis/Project Management team and a Development team.  In this position you would be heading up the later.  It’s a casual environment, with flexible work hours, a great sense of camaraderie and a passionate appreciation for the business.

Our ideal candidate is someone passionate about software development & integration, with a keen mind for details, architecture, standards and protocol. 

You are a great communicator.  You are clear, precise and friendly – both verbally and in writing.  You are an excellent negotiator, able to diffuse conflict situations and build consensus.

You are a leader.  You have a proven track record of managing a technical team to success.  You are a mature supportive manager with a strong capacity to inspire.

You understand business.  You have an excellent grasp of standard commercial processes and are enthusiastic to learn about the specifics of our business.  You use this to ensure the most efficient technical approach to any given solution.

And last, but not least, you are a technophile.  You vigorously follow a number of blogs/news groups. You’ve been on the net since Netscape 2.0.  You speak the XSLT computer language. You write code with ease and enjoy it. Furthermore, you are passionate about Microsoft technologies.  You beta tested .NET.  You have solid experience with much of their application stack and understand the power of leveraging the api’s and libraries that they provide.

The Good
First and foremost, this posting has a pretty decent tone, a good vibe.  It feels like it was written by someone who knows a little (or a lot) about technology and potential candidates, who knows how to explain some of the merits of the job, and is interested in explaining clearly why you might want to work there and what they’re looking for.  I don’t have .NET experience myself, but if I did, the tone of the posting might be enough to make me want to inquire further.

Now, that said, I don’t know who wrote the posting.  It could be written by an outsider who has nothing to do with the organization, so it’s not enough in and of itself, so you’ll want other reasons.  It sounds like it’s a fairly senior role in a fairly well-known organization, it sounds like they’re looking for a good business/technology/leadership mix.  From a quick glance, they’re doing reasonably well financially right now, although we’ll know more on 12-Feb.

The Bad
Some of the process language sounds pretty hierarchical, so if that’s important to you, you might want to probe a little more. 

What’s Missing?
What software would you / your team be developing and integrating with?  What are the business needs and challenges?  What’s the size and composition of your team(s)?  What’s the compensation?  Given the wide array of technologies they’re hoping for you to have experience with, what’s their technology mix like?  Are there a lot of old VB/COM systems, or is it mostly C#/.NET?  What’s the process like?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to processes that involve Effort Assessments and Technical Specifications, although, to be honest, you’d have to get some sense of what that means to Cinplex to really form an opinion.  If might also vary when it comes to off-hours operations support, although you’d have to know how often that’ll come up to decide how big a deal that is.

The Location
As far as I can tell, this just south of St. Clair on Yonge, between the St. Clair and Summerhill station.   If you’re commuting by GO train or car, or walking to work from your downtown condo, this might be a bit of a pain, but for most of the rest of us it’s not too bad.  Two stations North of Yonge, or not too far south from points north.  There’s some interesting shops and restaurants around, but it’s also not an incredibly busy area.

In Summary
A management position requiring a  Microsoft / VB / COM / .NET background working for Cineplex at Yonge and Summerhill / St. Clair.


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