New Mediatrix: Drupal Developer

New Mediatrix is looking for a developer with Drupal experience:

The client, a not-for-profit organization, has an existing website. They would like to have a sub-site that allows them to keep track of their volunteer database. The front-end allows the volunteers to sign up, log in, edit info, apply for training, apply for volunteer positions, and participate in a discussion board. The back end is a CMS system in Drupal which allows the client to update all content on the sub-site, track volunteers, their training, upload files for download, moderate the discussion board, and send out emails to volunteers. The design of the front end has been designed by New Mediatrix and is completely based on the existing so layout and code is available from the client. Photoshop screens are also available. The back end will be designed this month as it si developed. The project is already in production but there is no developer at this time and development begins this week.

The Good
The project’s already lined up. It might be for a good cause. Given that this has already been quoted and budgeted, there’s a possibility that all the ducks are already in a row, and all you have to do is execute. It starts right away. If you’ve got the time and experience, you could get cracking.

The Bad
It’s just a possibility. These aren’t your ducks, your requirements and your budgets and schedules. Historically, it’s the projects that seem to be starting out well-organized that go the farthest off the rails, so this is a good time to make sure you’re not painting yourself into a corner that you’re going to have to walk away from (presumably getting paint all over your feet in the process).

What’s Missing?
They don’t talk about rates, presumably because you’re supposed to do that, although it’d be a shame to put together a quote and discover you’re way off the mark, particularly since they imply there’s already a budget in place. Then again, that’s a pretty common freelance dilemma.

Any serious quote is also going to need to know a lot more about the business requirements they’re referring to, or put up a wall of assumptions strong enough to deter the inevitable change requests. ‘A full schedule is available on acceptance of quote’ has a pretty ominous sound to it, so I might want to probe a little more about what’s likely to be in said schedule.

Your mileage may vary about using the phrase In Production to refer to a project in progress. Depending on the work environments you’re used to, this might be applied to projects that are live, in a production environment rather than a staging or development environment.

Your mileage may also vary on quoting on this level of detail — personally, I’d want to know more.

In Summary
If you’ve got some time on your hands and some experience with Drupal, this could be a good contract to pick up, particularly if you’re willing to ask a few questions to get on the right footing. On the other hand, if you’ve got Pligg experience, I’ve got someone else who wants to talk to you, so drop me a line.


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