Filogix: Director, Lender Delivery

Filogix is looking for a Director, Lender Delivery:

A management lead within the Product Development team, the Director, Lender Delivery is responsible for the delivery of Filogix’s two key software products, Express and Exchange. Express is an established Canadian mortgage adjudication and underwriting application that is utilized by 25 Canadian lenders. Exchange is a document management application which utilizes Open Text’s application. Exchange facilitates communication and document sharing amongst the broker and lender as they complete the mortgage application process. 

  • Prepare Yearly Budget and Quarterly forecasts for department and projects 
  • Manage actuals and variances within 10% of budget 
  • Establish best practices on all aspects of software delivery: Project management, business analysis, development and testing.
  • Work with CTO team on cross-platform solutions & architecture
  • Work with Product Managers to develop progression roadmaps
  • Team management, growth and team engagement: leading a dedicated team, provide career growth, coaching and training for the team act as a point of escalation for team members, while ensuring strong succession planning for on-going team continuity

The Good
Sounds like a relatively senior managerial role in a company.  I don’t know filogix well, but it seems like they’re a subsidiary of Davis + Henderson and have been doing reasonably well according to D+H financial reports.   It also seems like any company that’s willing and able to complete a $35M acquisition right now can’t be doing terribly.

Their location seems to be at University and Wellington, which is pretty central and reasonably convenient, close to GO, the Subway, and some good restaurants and shopping.

The Bad
Near as I can tell, Filogix is a company whose primary lines of business are mortgages and real estate, which seems to be to be an unfortunate combination.  They may be in for some hard times, as those industries are likely to be tightening their belts somewhat.  That doesn’t seem to be true in their latest financial reports, but I still suspect there are some tough times ahead.

What’s Missing
What’s the compensation for a director at Filogix?  It’d be nice to understand more about the relationship between Exchange and the Open Text application.  

And what, exactly, is a beach manager? 

Your mileage may vary in taking a role that’s so hands-off.  That said, I think that’s to be expected in a director role of a company at this size.  If you’ve got the skills for this job, then you’re probably not put off by the hands-off nature.

In Summary
A pretty senior position at a company that seems to be doing fairly well in the market place, as of last reports.


3 Responses to Filogix: Director, Lender Delivery

  1. Peter says:

    Filogix has just gone through a round of lay offs. They are affected by the market situation big time

  2. Ah, good to know, Peter; not really surprising, given the acquisition plus the market. So there be challenges ahead.

    The same role, via workopolis.

  3. Gail says:

    Ahh, but don’t you know that the acquisition has placed Filogix in an incredibly positive position for growth… check out their web page. BTW… they are no longer a “mortgages” company, they support the entire credit lifecycle with their solutions… get the facts right.

    It’s an exciting, dynamic time for Filogix.

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