Things Are Looking Up

The first ten days or so in January were pretty sparse, as far as job postings were concerned.  In the last few days,  I’ve started to see signs that real job postings are starting to resurface.  It’s still too early to call it, but I’d say that there’s hope for those of you who are on the hunt.

And, although I don’t think it warrants a whole post of its own, I might as well toss in that Decisioning Solutions is still looking for a manager, although it looks like they’ve decided to call it a Development Project Manager this time instead of a Development Manager (original post, follow-up).  This position has been posted several times, so it seems like they’re having a hard time finding the right fit.  Maybe the change in title reflects the fact that they’re targeting people with more of a project management skillset and less of a development manager skillset?


One Response to Things Are Looking Up

  1. John Doe says:

    The last time I was looking for a job there, there were willing to pay 60k for senior developers so I guess nothing changed. It looks like most of their employees are leaving the boat at the same time.

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