Deloitte: Senior Manager, eDiscovery

Deloitte is looking for a Senior Manager, eDiscovery for their Analytic Forensic Technology services:

Analytic Forensic Technology (“AFT”) – utilize technologically advanced computer labs and cutting-edge software to offer new, innovative solutions to clients’ complex legal problems. We navigate IT systems for evidence of malfeasance, such as information deletion, policy violations or unauthorized access. Today’s business environment generates vast amounts of data and information, and almost all of this information is captured and stored in computerized form.  AFT engagements focus on complex domestic and international litigations and investigations including SEC Inquiries, M&A Due Diligence and Litigation, Corporate Fraud, Class, Anti-Money Laundering, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act…just to name a few.  Our clients include leading Canadian corporations, Fortune 500 companies and many of the most highly regarded law firms in the country.

A Senior Manager plays a key role in growing the current eDiscovery services in the Canadian marketplace. The primary mandate for this role includes increasing market share by developing and executing business development strategies as well as delivering top quality work to clients.
You will lead a diverse team of highly talented Consultants in a cross functional environment, taking a lead role in delivering services to high growth organizations. A Senior Manager creates long-term relationships at a senior client level and has strong knowledge in leveraging prevalent methodologies. This role employs a structured approach to project management to ensure complete client satisfaction and project profitability. You will anticipate the long term, multifunctional impact of all decisions and take a broad approach to problem solving. You will execute a client service plan on complex engagements and work closely with the Partners in exceeding our client’s expectations while identifying and mitigating business risks associated with projects.

The Good
It’s a pretty senior position for a pretty big firm, and technology forensics is its own interesting field with some unique challenges.   While it’s true that the most interesting elements probably come from conducting technology forensics rather than managing the growth of Deloitte’s technology forensics business, it’s still an area that might interest potential candidates on the technical challenges alone.

The Bad
I imagine that many of you won’t have the background skills they’re looking for, making this an interesting but somewhat inaccessible position.

What’s Missing
What’s the compensation for a Senior Manager at Deloitte?  Which of the many offices would you be working at?  What’s the size and composition of the team?  What’s the travel really like?  What are the business development challenges you’re facing?

Your milage may vary when it comes to a role that focuses on business development.  That said, that’s not uncommon with a position like “Senior Manager”, and certainly it seems as if they’d like you to have a background this kind of technology forensics.   

This sort of work tends to come with a lot of confidentiality and security.  Your mileage may vary when it comes to potentially getting your background checked, or spending time in a lab where you can accidentally lock yourself in due to security measures.

And finally, your mileage may vary when it comes to 25% travel, their suggested expectation.

In Summary
This is either ‘you’ or it isn’t.  Most of you probably don’t have the forensic/security background and/or the managerial/business development background.  If you’ve got both, then probably both you and Deloitte would be happy to talk in more detail.  If you’ve got one but not the other, but you’re willing and able to acquire the missing skills, it might be worth a shot.


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