Unspecified: Director, Investment Applications

An unspecified company is looking for a Director, Investment Applications:

Direct, manage and deliver large, complex, mission critical application development projects. Identify the drivers, strategies and needs of clients’ technology operations and lead internal change to support those operations. 
·Manage relationship with clients; interface and maintain communications with it and business management. Monitor business and technology developments and provide on-time response and support. 
·Facilitate smooth workflow of the department; ensure high standards and quality of technical work. Direct reviews of tools and technologies for improving performance and reducing costs. Establish, monitor and adhere to budget for respective area. 
·Direct, motivate, develop and manage performance of the management team and key staff. 

The Good
Sounds like it could be a relatively senior role in a challenging sector.  Atlhough Investment’s taken some hard knocks, I know that’s also caused a few people to get a little more interested in this side of finance, so I imagine that’ll be true for some of you as well.

The Bad
Even with the tough economic times, $110k seems low for a director position in a finance/trading firm; that might be a little more clear if we had any idea who they are.  For instance, if it’s a small company developing software that they sell to investment banks, vs., say, a director position for a big canadian bank, those are two very different scenarios.   Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information to make the call here.

What’s Missing?
What company is this for?  What kind of investment applications do they build?  What technologies do they do it with?  What’s the compensation like?

There’s a mention about managing culture change, but really no sense of what culture change is needed and/or desired.  What are the challenges the organization is facing with respect to culture, and what are the proposed solutions and changes?  What’s the size and composition of the team you’d be “directing”?  Experience managing a budget depends, to a certain extent, on the size of othe budget. 

Your mileage may vary about taking a job in finance, and in particular, investment, at this juncture.  It’s either a challenging time or a good opportunity for the investment sector, so that’s up to you to measure.

In Summary
If you’ve got a finance/investment background and experience with management, or you’re really anxious to get into this sector, this might be worth further investigation.  For the rest of us, there’s just not enough detail to latch on to.


3 Responses to Unspecified: Director, Investment Applications

  1. observer says:

    It’s a typical CIBC’s description. Most likely (because of “unspecified company”, which CIBC never does), it’s a recruiter phishing for resumes using CIBC’s template.

  2. Doesn’t line up with any obvious open posting on the CIBC Careers site, so if it’s the CIBC template, sounds like you could easily be right.

    Doesn’t look like it matches the CIBC template exactly, but it could easily be a rough paraphrase, so that seems to hold with your theory.

  3. observer says:

    There’s something in the above description that CIBC uses in every managerial job posting and nobody else does. I can’t say what it is, for obvious reasons. 😉

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