ArtSlant: Developer

ArtSlant is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer and they don’t care where you live, which means those of us in Toronto have a shot:


ArtSlant is a virtual company with individuals contributing from all over the world. We don’t care about your degree, your age, your nationality or your location (you can be in India, or Europe, or Russia for example). We only care that you are very creative, extremely effective and committed to accomplishing great things with us.

Do you love being challenged? Want to have fun coding? Ambitious, exceptional developers with strong entrepreneurial interest are encouraged to apply. You must be an absolutely top performing developer – that is our primary concern.

– This is a telecommuting position and will require computer and internet access

– Work with state of the art technology (Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Web 2.0…)

– As much responsibility and challenge as you can handle


The Good
Working on Rails for an art-oriented application with a distributed high-performing team doesn’t sound so bad. 

The Bad
There’s not a lot of detail here, and some of the missing detail could be pretty important to figuring out if you even really want to start a conversation about the opportunity. 

What’s Missing?
There’s not a lot of discussion on the terms, and I get the impression after talking to someone who’s been talking to them in more detail that it might not be totally cut and dried, which is one of the the sugestions you might take away from a phrase like “strong entrepreneurial interest.”  What rates would you get?  Is it full-time work, or some here and some there?  Are they generating revenue, or are they funded?

Your mileage may vary with getting involved with a startup at an early stage where it’s a little more like being a partner than it is being an employee. 

In Summary
If you’re already doing some contract work and you’d like to get involved with ArtSlant on the side, there might be an interesting opportunity in there somewhere, but you’d have to discuss it with them in more detail.


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