IAF Fund Jobs

The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation announced funding [via David Crow] in eight companies so I’ll do the usual and check to see which of these companies are local and looking to hire:

  •  C2CLink does non-linear optical chips out of Hamilton, and, although they seem to have trouble spelling ‘Contact Us’, they encourage resume submission for people with backgrounds in lasers, optical circuits and circuit design.
  • Echologics does leak detection devices out at 401/409/Kipling.  They don’t seem to have a career section, but if you think this is your kind of company, you could try contacting them.
  • IPeak Networks is looking for a Senior Developer (C/C++ Linux/Windows) in Kanata.
  • Kneebone does marketing performance measurement at King and John, and has a ‘Coming Soon’ careers page.
  • Nulogy does supply chain management at Queen and Bathurst for packaging companies in Toronto, and is looking for sales and professional services hires, although they don’t supply much information on what skills they consider important.
  • Regen Energy does wireless controllers to manage peak electrical demand at 401/409/Kipling, and encourages resume submission without talking about specific opportunities.
  • Skymeter does vehicle use information in MaRS (Collage/Unversity), and isn’t looking for anything specific, although they do encourage resume submission (Java, C, C#, GIS, GPS, etc.
  • Sysomos does social media monitoring in Java/Mysql/Lucene with a work-from-home setup, and is looking for web and Java developers.

It’s worth noting that although these companies probably knew about the funding for longer than we have, they may not have finalized their hiring plans, so if you’re looking at one of these companies and you’re excited by what they’re doing but they don’t have a job that you’re interested in, it might be worth following up with them directly.


One Response to IAF Fund Jobs

  1. rob says:

    i saw a small blurb about this in the metro and was going to hunt down what companies received the funding but it slipped my mind. thanks!

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